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font production

Digital Typography & Artificial Intelligence


On Saturday evening 12 October 2013, the diner of the yearly ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) conference took place at the atmospheric Winter Garden restaurant of Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam. More than 300 attendees enjoyed the excellent buffet. Highlight of the evening was the presentation of the 3rd Dr. Peter Karow Award for Font Technology & Digital Typography to Dr. Donald E. Knuth, world famous for developing TeX and Metafont.

Font tech workshops with Frederik Berlaen, Andy Clymer and Ben Kiel in June

Type@Cooper is offering a series of public font tech workshops this June.
Registration is open now.


June 1 & 2 Robofont with Frederik Berlaen and Andy Clymer
June 3 Interpolation with Andy Clymer
June 4 Kerning with Ben Kiel
June 5 & 6 Accents with Ben Kiel
June 8 & 9 Intermediate Python with Andy Clymer
June 17th Building Open Type Features with Andy Clymer

Creating Icon font


Hi there,

I am looking for sources and suggestions on creating a font consisting custom icons. It will be for an e-commerce web site. Approx. 30, site specific artworks have to be drawn and executed as a webfont. The icon webfont seems a clear solution for the developers who think to use the full advantage of a leaner CSS.

I am using Fontforge since I have started to draw my own projects with it. But I just can't make any sense on the baseline for artworks. The glyph proportions and icon proportions seem to differ greatly.

Any suggestions or threads directing me to a solution are highly appreciated!




I have set up a wiki dedicated to the technicalities of font production and their related topics. I invite you to join, add and edit content. Please use your real name and include a short description of who you are when signing up. You have to be signed up to edit the content, but the content is readable by everyone. The project is fully non-commercial, but you are of course free to use the information in the wiki to produce commercial fonts. Don't worry about entering complete data, editing is what the wiki system is good at.

Feel free to spread the word about http://fontstandards.org/.

Hope to see you there!
Claus Eggers Sørensen

How necessary is it?

Hey everyone,
Been working hard on a few families as of late and before I was ready to generate and start testing I hit a "snag". It wasn't a snag really, just a question about hinting. Is it really important with the advances in screen technologies nowadays?

I've looked around online and even read a few manuals and all signs point to yes however most of these articles that give you tutorial advice on hinting haven't been updated since 1998. And I'm sure advances in screen resolution and type rendering have moved on since then.

So the question still remains... How important is hinting to typeface design and production now?