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newspaper font

New Release: Coranto 2 Headline


The new and improved version of Gerard Unger’s masterpiece now features three new styles that have been engineered specifically for headline use. Coranto 2 makes the most of current newspaper printing technologies delivering clean, economic and highly legible text blocks combined with striking headlines. Coranto 2 introduces the addition of over 250 glyphs for a wider language support, redesign of most accents, new ligatures, 4 sets of numerals, arbitrary fractions, superiors/inferiors and more.

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Times Blackletter ID

After heavy google searching, whatthefont.com and searching other type databases including my own. I've yet to find any possible matches or similar Type. This "Times" is a Nameplate for a Newspaper in the Middle East. I was asked to update the Nameplate, However keeping the Traditional "Times" in tact.

So, before I take the time to recreate the type from scratch, I thought I would ask to see if anyone else had an idea of what typeface this was. (No EPS, AI, or any vector format was available. )

Thanks for your help,

some uppercase serif available only

I would like to do a facelift for this logo type and need to know which font was used. New Times Roman (unfortunately) get fairly close, but not quite there, terminal of the upper case J is different, as are the proportions of upper case O and E. I only have this very small JPG available for indetification.

Fillit display font critique



I'd appreciate any comments on my display typeface design called Fillit.

It's nothing fancy, new or groundbreaking – being very novice in type design I did it as an excercise for myself only. The design goal is to create display font for newspaper section headlines that has 1. slab serif general form 2. has plenty of pop = lot of ink per character 3. can form very tight headlines without letters touching each other. 4. to be used in >72 pt

There's a brief specimen attached. I haven't finished all the characters – trying to finish smaller set before doing too much work.

Don't hesitate to be crude :)