Hi, Typophiles! I've recently released a new typeface, GIBBS, which is currently on an introductory offer for 50% off.

GIBBS (Slide 1)

Fortunately I finally had the time to continue my first efforts in the conception of a spurless geometric sans.
Any comments would be appreciated! :)

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to find some authentic (as possible) digitised versions of historical English sans serif typefaces.

Along the lines of: Caslon Sans, Figgins, Johnston etc.

I've been trawling the forums and it seems like Caslon Sans is difficult to get hold of/has a strange license (I might be wrong). The one I've seen which I really like is John Morgan's version.

I've looked at Figgins, and as beautiful as it is, it is a little 'bulky', for want of a better word, for my use.

My knowledge of type history is patchy and ill-informed at best so forgive my vagueness!

I'm looking for something along the lines of a sans serif that could have been used on an English shop from an unspecified time 'back in the day', with a bit of quirk and character.

This beeing my first post:
Hello everybody!

I'm an architecture student and this is the first time I'm really dealing with typography. It's only a very basic draft supposed to show the characteristics of a font I want to create myself, as I can't seem to finde anything comparable that tries this fusion of geometric structure and "contemporary" spurless details.
If you know any existing font with these features, please tell me - there has to be one somewhere.
Anyway, please feel free to tell me, wether you think this is a project I should push further or if it is completely hopeless - architects tend to think they can do everything on their own and end up in a massive mess.

Anyone know what this super-compressed sans is? Similar to Gill Display Compressed or as if someone had squeezed Futura Condensed...!
thanks as ever for your expertise and help!


Trying to remember what font was used to make this logo, I know the only modification was made to the top of the 'J', but I have been unable to find one that matches exactly. Especially the J,R,H. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Okay, so this type, i've been looking for it for days, it reminds me of Futura, but it doesn't fit the C nor the M. I've concluded it down to Mostra-type or alike.

Do you think it's a modified type?
If i would say a thicker version of this Gothic type

would i be right?

Hi all,

Any thoughts on the old style figures in Gill Sans Pro from a readbility perspective?


I recently read Eric Gill's An Essay on Typograhy and found it quite interesting, especially since Gill connects his thoughts on typography and his craft with his whole philosophy on life. Though it is hard to agree with this man on everything, he has some interesting ideas to wrestle with, and it is interestng to read this work 80 years down the road from when he wrote it.

So that was a short recommendation for all of you who can't read my blogpost in Norwegian here:

Anyone know if Gill Sans (or Bitstream's humanist 521) was ever oufitted with oldstyle figures for appropriate numerals?


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