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Names of parts of arabic numerals

Are there established names for the parts of the Arabic numerals? Like, what is the diagonal stroke in the ‘7’ or the loop in the ‘6’ called?

Typography gift wrap paper

We asked ourselves: Why not use figures themselves to design wrapping paper for your Advent calendar?
No sooner said than done—now available: Typographic wrapping paper for your Advent Calender.

Your gifts don’t need tiny boxes, the wrapping paper offers more amount for taller and other shaped presents (for e.g. wine, apples, tangerines … ). Additional labeling isn’t required for your Advent calender.

Just released a nice set of numbers, rescued from a 1838 Type Specimen Book issued by the Fonderie Clement, Bruxelles.

The 5 is my favorite, the upper part is unique.
I fell in love with it. And so I decided to digitize them all.
I hope you enjoy them! I made them with love.

Available for download at Just $15

I'm not completely sure, but I think that Clement was a Didot's apprentice, who then started his own foundry. If anyone has more info on that, I will appreciate it.



I read in a book "Book Typography: A Designer's Manual" that fractions near old style figures should be minimized if they seem to large.

So I think: isn't it possible with OT features?

I could make additional sets of numerators and denominators - one.numr.osf etc. and fraction.osf that would be a little bit smaller to harmonize with lowercase glyphs.

Than some changes to the frac feature should be made.
Here's my frac (auto-generated from Glyphs) :

lookup FRAC {
sub slash by fraction;
lookup HOCH {
sub [zero one two three four five six seven eight nine] by [zero.numr one.numr two.numr three.numr four.numr five.numr six.numr seven.numr eight.numr nine.numr];
lookup TIEF {

Newspaper design consultant Mario Garcia interviewed Cyrus Highsmith coming off of Highsmith's lecture "The Smell of Books":

Anyone know if Gill Sans (or Bitstream's humanist 521) was ever oufitted with oldstyle figures for appropriate numerals?


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