t shirt

Font on a t-shirt worn on Adam & Joe Go Tokyo! Obscure much?

Hi I'd really like to know what this font is.

It's very helvetica-esque except that it has smaller 'spurs' (?) on the lower case p and g and n. It's all a bit tighter too. It also has quotation marks that end in a point rather than more solid like helvetica does.

I've tried the identifont '20 questions' thing and it didn't find anything quite right. Also looked through many many many pages of 'similar to Helvetica' with no results.

If someone with a magic eye can identify it that'd be awesome!

At random


You all know a thing or two about airport security.
Every year I fly once or twice to the US and I have started to see a pattern.

The rigorous checks we all have to go through before boarding takes a lot of time and it is not always visible what they are for.
Coming from The Netherlands, I feel that once they see where we are from we will have to undergo a 'random security check'. I'm not sure anymore how random these are ...

But being cool about it (they are just doing their job), I feld I had to give this a podium in a t-shirt.

Feel free to share your thoughts.