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Looking for the best typography for equation & formula input

Hello Everyone,

I represent a small University Press based on Mexico, we are about to start a textbook series for K-8 and highschool levels so we're consulting the professionals about the best-suited typography for equations & formula input. The one with all the bells and whistles.
We hope you can help us with some suggestions.

Our considerations so far are:
Freda Serif A
Le Monde Livre

Thanks in Advance for your help.
All best.

Luis Sánchez
+52 (33) 3640-4594
Comunicación y Diseño
Editorial Universitaria
Universidad de Guadalajara

Q.E.D. "Quod Erat Demonstrandum", used at the end of proofs

Has anyone encountered an interesting hand-lettered or type-set "Q.E.D." before? It's used to mark the end of a mathematical proof. The contemporary digital version is, unfortunately, the "tombstone," a simple black square (yawn).


Rob Kimmel

Arastix, a project that we need to do!

Dear all,

Since years, Arabic fonts used in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for elementary - preparatory school's level are used locally in Arab countries.

However, Dr. Lazrak and his team (UCAM, Morocco) presented some interesting reviews for different used systems through the Arab World and, I think, they applied it to LaTex.

Currently, with STIX fonts arriving to good maturity, I think it is time to work on this project and we, @ Aratypo, welcome any person who would like to share with us thoughts and efforts in order to realize this font.

Thanking you in advance.

About STIX: http://www.stixfonts.org/

The Rise and Fall of Fancy Eff (Which Apparently Does Not Render in the Typeface Chosen for Forum Titles)


Hello old ƒriends.

A casual conversation in which I made a couple of claims has resulted in a search for evidence to back those claims, and, though I have seen this with my own eyes, I cannot find what I am thinking of. Or rather, what I am thinking oƒ.

My query is threeƒold:

1. What is the proper name of ƒ? Windows Character Map calls it "Latin Small Letter F With Hook." That sounds donkey, but I can't come up with a better name. All I can think of is, "You know, the eff you use when you're writing a function in math."

2. When (90s?) and why (ease of typing? sorting?) did the practice of prefacing or appending folder names with ƒ on Mac OS come into practice, and how widespread was this practice? The latter question leads me to 3.