Alt for Acid - Stephen Baum, Bauhaus Style


Hello, I am looking for an alternative to Acid by Stephen Baum. I realize it is an incomplete work in progress and I'd really like access to more glyphs.

I really like how this type has a clean, scientific almost medicinal, sterile feel to it. I like how it is very geometric as well. Please if anyone has any alternatives to this typeface it would be awesome if you could share.

Extra credit if you can find me one with a web-font alternate as well.

You can find Acid here:

Thanks for the help!

Bauhaus fonts

I am working on a design project centering around the architect and industrial designer Eileen Gray. She worked throughout the early 20th century, particularly the 20s and 30s, but greatly influenced many Art Deco and Bauhaus designers. I am struggling for what the best type choice would be for her. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Herbert Bayer typeface ultra-accurate revival


Hey people, this is "my" (well not really mine, it's just a vectorization) first font!

I decided to revive this after I saw some sketches of the 'universal alphabet' and discovered the digital versions were just cleaned versions of his wood-type printings... but as they were tests they had small imperfections (like bad curves etc) that when vectorized and look worse when we use them on bigger sizes.

Here's the three wheights I made based on his prints (only the A, full character set on PDF):

Ah! I'm making this inspired by the old Multiple Masters technology so I used the same number of nodes in all characters so they are blendable to make an infinite number of wheights! No numbers yet.

(x) Curious looking Bauhaus type face - now available as Mystery Stencil JNL {Ray L}

A friend of mine mailed me recently asking if I had come across a digitized version of this type face, designed by Bauhaus ceramicist Theodor Bogler. I wondered if any one out there is familiar with such a thing?

Thanks in advance.

More images: