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Gandhi bookstore gives typeface for free

Gandhi, the biggest bookstore chain in Mexico is giving away a full type family named Gandhi. The web page states that the typeface will ease Mexican's reading by: having big body size, being light and thus achieving ideal weight when printed under less than ideal conditions by ink spread (the page cites inkjet printing), unadorned and undistracting, designed for body copy but friendly when used big.

Gandhi has been known for one of the longest and more memorable ad campaigns in Mexico: http://gandhi.com.mx/index.cfm/Publicidad and this typeface seems to be part of the advertising strategy, "To make you read" (Mexico has a real low reading rate.).

Designing hotel logo

I've been trying to come up with a logo for a hotel project and am having the worst time trying to create something that matches my hotel vibe.

I attached my moodboard, sample of directions I was going in.. but none of them have been "winners" and my professor wasn't too excited about any of them (nor was I).

Also, I really don't want to purchase a font because it's only going to be used for this specific logo, so am trying to find free fonts to create this.

ANY help would be appreciated, thank you!

Masters in typography & type design

I have recently graduated from a design program (Concordia University, Montreal) and I am looking for masters abroad that would combine both type design and typography (preferably a one-year program).

I was wondering if anyone has information about the quality of the masters in Advanced Typography taught at the EINA school in Barcelona. Apart from their official website, I have trouble finding extra information and comments about this program.

I am also considering KABK's "Type and Media". However, from the information I have been able to gather, it seems like it much more focused on type design, and much less on typography, am I correct?

Finally, any thoughts about the Centro de Estudios Gestalt (Veracruz, Mexico)? Or other suggestions?

Thanks a lot!