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Tabular unit symbols


Assuming a typeface which defaults to proportional figures, do you think it’s sane and user-friendly to adjust more characters than just digits when fixed-width, tabular `tnum` numerals get activated? I’m thinking about making currency and other symbols the same width as figures then, so they align properly.
feature tnum {
@digits = [zero one two three four five six seven eight nine];
@digits.pnum = @digits;
@digits.tnum = [zero.tnum one.tnum two.tnum three.tnum four.tnum five.tnum six.tnum seven.tnum eight.tnum nine.tnum];
sub @digits.pnum by @digits.tnum;
lookup units {
@currencysymbols = [dollar cent sterling currency yen Euro]
@unitsymbols = [percent @currencysymbols]

How to use tabular figures

Hi all,

I feel really stupid asking this but… how do you use tabular figures in InDesign and Illustrator for example. I need to do a few tables and the "Tabular linings" options in InDesign and Illustrator does nothing. The numbers still aren't lined up properly. The font I'm using is Gotham (Thin, Book, Medium and Bold). The HF&J site said that those weight supports tabular figures. I've installed the OpenType version.

Thanks in advance!

Tabular data: Setting ranges of time

I'm typesetting a schedule of events for a client.

The schedule table is made up of three columns of information: the time range, the event name, and the location. My question is about how best to set the ranges of time in the first column.

Should the numerals in the ranges of time align vertically? Or is vertical alignment not a desirable goal because the information isn't meant to be compared or contrasted?