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Superscript/subscript/fractions & software to aid in design


I never finished any fonts until recently and so I never got to the stage of designing numbers before. While completing all the numeral sets I came to realize that the fractals require their very own set which is distinct from superscript/subscript. I guess I should have realized, and yet I was surprised at the amount of work required to complete all numeral sets.

Beautiful numbers

I apologize if this has been asked before – in which case I would ask for a link to the topic – but can you recommend typefaces which feature especially beautiful numerals? In this case I'm not interested in the letters so numerals-only typefaces would suffice. I have no restrictions on what beauty entices in this case. I'm just curious as to what's out there when it comes to numerals.

Old-style numerals


Hello again, guys!
I’m with a new question for you. I like the so-called old-style numerals, with 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 having descenders, and 6 and 8 having ascenders. Also I like the Roman-like number 1 of fonts such as Bembo and Centaur.
According to what I’ve found searching on typefaces, the fonts Aldus, Arno, Bembo, Emerson, FF Scala, Goudy Old Style, Requiem and Sabon all feature old-style numerals, with Bembo, FF Scala, Requiem and Sabon showing the I like numeral for 1. Of these, I have Goudy Old and Sabon available in my PC, however the numerals are regular, nothing of old-style, only a slight overshoot of 4 and 7 in the Goudy Old. Also the 1 of Sabon is regular. Why? And where can I find some typeface that has truly old-style numerals?
Can you help me, please?

Can I align numerals in Freight Sans

Can anyone help here? I'm trying to persuade a client to use Freight Sans which I believe fits better with their brand, however they've got hung up on the non-aligning numerals and I can't seem to find an easy way to set them aligned in our print. Maybe it's not possible... if that's the case, does anyone have a work around or any ideas to help sell them back to the client?!

Any thought appreciated.


Page-per-week calendar design

All right, here's a calendar I made.

Yes, it's designed for use in the USA (specifically for the vicinity of New Haven, Connecticut), but I did it on A4 paper for a reason I will get to.

I do not like conventional wall calendars. I think that they have both too much and too little information, and are badly formatted. So I made my own.

I used DIN because I wanted to be able to read the numbers from across the room and I figured a road sign font would take care of that. I also wanted a font that was relatively tall and narrow so that it would leave maximum space for writing notes.

Proportional vs. monospaced characters, and a calendar dilemma


I am in the process of designing a wall calendar, with one page per week. (I am using CorelDRAW, if you must know.) I am using the fonts DIN Engschrift and DIN Mittelschrift, mainly the latter.
It being a calendar, numerals are the most important characters. I am going for function rather than beauty, but still, I don't want an ugly calendar. This is why I chose a road sign font: I want to be able to read the date from across the room without my eyeglasses! Also, monospaced figures are a must.
I really do not like the way that the days of the week look like they are going to turn out, though. Please see the picture. It is a screenshot of me testing several fonts in a spreadsheet program. No wonder Wednesday is nicknamed "hump day"!

Seeking advice - font similar to Georgia


Needing to use numerals in Georgia though not as OSF, but rather as lining figures. This option appears not to exist with Georgia (or at least not the version we have) so looking now for a workaround. What would be the font most similar to Georgia that has lining figures?


Tabular data: Setting ranges of time

I'm typesetting a schedule of events for a client.

The schedule table is made up of three columns of information: the time range, the event name, and the location. My question is about how best to set the ranges of time in the first column.

Should the numerals in the ranges of time align vertically? Or is vertical alignment not a desirable goal because the information isn't meant to be compared or contrasted?