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Any idea why Powerpoint changes my font weights and cuts? (Not defaulting out)

Hello Typophiles,

I am currently building a few powerpoint presentations for one of our clients, and have encountered an odd font issue. I'm hoping that someone in this forum can provide some suggestions for a fix.

I am using MetaPlus for my designs. I've noticed that when MetaPlus Medium is placed in powerpoint, it is significantly thicker (more bold / black) than the same font when displayed in Illustrator or Photoshop. In addition, some of the Roman cuts are displaying as italics.

Has anyone experienced this problem, or more importantly - can this be corrected, or is it yet another sad fact of powerpoint!? Thanks.


Building new weights of typeface


Hi. I have created a typeface that has been pretty well-received, and I would now like to create more weights of the typeface, as their seems to be a lot of interest in the new weights. However, I can't figure out a good strategy for moving forward.

The process that I followed for the original weight was not very economical and I'm sure it was not the best approach. I designed the typeface in Illustrator, and used the relatively cheap typeface software TypeTool to create the actual typeface. The face is meant to look a little quirky, but I took a pretty geometrical approach to building it -- I know the exact rounding of each corner, and width of each character and line (with exceptions made for aesthetics, of course).