Hello Typophiles,

I am currently building a few powerpoint presentations for one of our clients, and have encountered an odd font issue. I'm hoping that someone in this forum can provide some suggestions for a fix.

I am using MetaPlus for my designs. I've noticed that when MetaPlus Medium is placed in powerpoint, it is significantly thicker (more bold / black) than the same font when displayed in Illustrator or Photoshop. In addition, some of the Roman cuts are displaying as italics.

Has anyone experienced this problem, or more importantly - can this be corrected, or is it yet another sad fact of powerpoint!? Thanks.



I work as an in-house designer, and I'm trying to standardize our font library. There are many fonts that have multiple weights and widths that show up individually as families, instead of all in one family with the weights/widths as styles.

Hi. I have created a typeface that has been pretty well-received, and I would now like to create more weights of the typeface, as their seems to be a lot of interest in the new weights. However, I can't figure out a good strategy for moving forward.

The process that I followed for the original weight was not very economical and I'm sure it was not the best approach. I designed the typeface in Illustrator, and used the relatively cheap typeface software TypeTool to create the actual typeface. The face is meant to look a little quirky, but I took a pretty geometrical approach to building it -- I know the exact rounding of each corner, and width of each character and line (with exceptions made for aesthetics, of course).

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