I need 2 fonts, both of which must look like handwriting: one for the Greek alphabet, and one for Russian (Cyrillic).

Text is meant to be set in 1730, in an old book.

This is a time-sensitive request -- thanks for any help you can provide!



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handwritten font

I'm trying to figure out what font this is

any help is appreciated! thanks!

I am in desperate need of the FONT at the very bottom of this page - the "Thanks" - by pego'


I would appreciate very much if anybody can help with the name of this FONT and/or URL or even a very very similar FONT for a Wordpress Theme project I'm working on, and after over 1 wk of searching, I have yet to find something so recent/stylish or even close.

I'm sure I can return the favor!

Thank you for you're time and help in advance.

Kindest Regards,

Roll-up Roll-up!

10 Points to anyone how can tell me what this font may be!
Recommend some alternatives!

Thanks for your time typophiles!

This font is on a couple blogs my wife visits. We have tried emailing the webmaster with no results. Any assistaince would be apprciated.

Here is a link to one site with the font. It is the script/handwritten font used as a headline, or date. It is even in the sites title:


I've also included an image of the font.

Thanks for any hints...

If anyone can help ID this font, I would certainly welcome the answer! No one seems to know exactly what typeface this is. Please help by ID of the exact typeface. I have had several similar suggested to me, but no one has come up with the exact face.

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