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Fonts that render well on any browser

Hey guys.

I'm amateur on type. I've had some problems with type rendering across browsers, searched all over the web for good articles but still nothing.

I don't have time to really study and understand font rendering right now, but I need to find what fonts I can use. Fonts that, even if they display differently across browsers, still look good (not creepy).

1) Can you guys list the fonts you know look good on the popular browsers?
I mean IE8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox (including mobile versions).
→ Preferrably Google Web Fonts.

2) Do you know a website focused on this issue (crossbrowser type)?


Smart site uses dumb line length; help needed

Devout readers will recall my numerous bug reports about Typophile. Quite a few of them argued that Typophile should do what is known to work and not do what is known not to work. A great deal of knowledge about what works comes from MetaFilter, the community Weblog that is the model for such things. It’s more of a success than any remotely comparable site – 11 years old, 70,000 active users, a million pageviews a day; profitable; employs four people in tech development and moderation; moderated 24/7; includes the most important feature of all, MetaTalk, a forum to discuss MetaFilter itself.

Optimal rendering in browsers


I am having an issue with a font in development, and it is this: The vertical stems are too irregular in width/colour/weight when they are rendered in webbrowsers like Safari or Firefox in OS X. Firefox is marginally better than Safari. A PDF has the same issue, but to a lesser degree. All the stems in question are of exactly the same width. Other fonts like Ariel or other webfonts do not show this issue. I tried both CFF/OTF and TTF, but they both have the same issue. This leads me to think there is some hinting setting I have borked, but OS X does not use hinting, so huh? What can be wrong? I'm working with a UPM of 2048, but I seem to remember making a test in 1000, and that had the same issue.

I'll be grateful for any pointers, hints, puns.