old spice

Can anyone help me identify the font used on Old Spice's "Champion" branding? Here's a couple pictures:

I couldn't find anything bigger, so here it is stretched out:

I know most logos would be custom designed, but this seems like something that must have a font that's close to it.

I'm 99% sure the "Classic" is some kind of Arial, right now I'm using Arial with the Bold adjustment by Photoshop and it appears to match.

The Old Spice on its own though I can't seem to find in my collection... I could totally use some help. It's for my birthday cake this weekend.

Thanks so much!


Wow. Never thought i'd say this:

Anyone know what kind of font this is? It's from the new Old Spice ads. Sorry about the low res picture.
I thought it might be Fuller Sans, but this one is wider..

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