Genplan Pro is finally released! This my debut on MyFonts.

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Looking Soviet font.

Hello. I'm looking for the font used on this tank-monument. Doing historical skin for Have friends similar fonts? Thanks in advance.



I am after a bit of type-sleuthing for this early (1917) example of what I guess is a wood type slab serif for PRAVDA. Kind of similar to this revival family but not quite, missing the rounded exit junctions before the slab-serifs...

Any clues?

thanks as ever for your time!

I am trying to create a retro Soviet/Communist look.

Agency FB seems versatile enough to cover everything except body text and small stuff.

I found ParaType's "Textbook", which is based on a Soviet-era typeface, but it's a bit too geometric and doesn't seem to match Agency.

Any suggestions?

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