High characters height


I've been designing a typeface on Fontlab and been running with this problem, let's take the "#" glyph, to design it I made two vertical shapes and two horizontal ones, they look perfect when unmerged but as soon as I merge them their alignment gets all messed up:

To solve this problem I've increased the size of all my characters, went from 500 height to 1000 height and this kind of problems started to disapear since now I have much more space to move the points around, there's still some unaligned lines, especially the curved ones in complex characters but I've pretty much solved it.

My question is, is it fine to have a typeface with such high height? Will people run into any render problems when they use it?


xMin, xMax, etc.


Hello everyone,

I was just wondering : since xMix, xMax, yMin, and yMax in the 'glyf' table define a bounding box for glyphs, I was wondering for what size is this bounding box given ?

Let's say, if a 2000*2000 bounding box is - for example - for a 100 pt "M", then I'd like to be able to get the bounding box for another size with a rule of three.

Thanks in advance for your help and your time !


Height problem


Hello there, again ;)

I have a problem with my font - when I export it, the problem is next: when I write with it the height of one line is very very long, just to be sure you understand here are some pics of it [of course the problem is same in Illustrator] ;)

Why is that happening?

I work with FontLab 5.0.4 :)