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Pendula™ is an adaptation of Pittorseques Droites (Scenic Casual) found in the circa 1924 specimen book of La Fonderie Typographique Francaise. Changes to a very small number of the original characters were made to make the typeface work better with more languages, as well as for aesthetic reasons. A newly designed Cyrillic character set was added to make the design even more useful, enlarging the character set from the basic Latin set to over 650 glyphs covering seven languages. Pendula™ also includes tabular and proportional number sets plus a bonus set of over thirty monetary symbols. Other international symbols were included too. It is a wonderfully casual and flexible design, usable in many situations.

Need ID for both the header and strap-line please.

A friend of mine asked if I knew of any Hebrew fonts in an Art Nouveau style. I didn't know of any digital type, but I thought something could be found in the work of Boris Schatz's original Betzalel School, or perhaps something could be engineered from the work of Arthur Szyk. But I also thought that a few of you who enjoy this forum might share your knowledge of art nouveau Hebrew type and whether any digital fonts were ever made.


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Art Nouveau

Hi everyone, I'm trying to understand if there's a font at least SIMILAR to "KEY WEST", Art Nouveau and bold. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

I'm looking for a more simple and clean looking Art Nouveau lettering, preferably relating to late 1800 (or so) France and would value any input you may offer. Auriol's namesake font looks a bit too mych like a stencil for my project. Something like DeVinne or Letterhead's Billhead might work?

wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

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Art Nouveau Fonts

Art Nouveau Font Recommendations <?> Thank you!

dear community,

i am looking for the name of an art nouveau(?) font which i have seen at the beginning of a youtube video. I have attached a screenshot, the video itself is here:
The font whereof i'd like very much to know its name is seen from 00:02 until 00.05.

Thank you very much in advance for your help. I have looked through a lot of font catalogues in the last few days but couldn't find it.
PS: i have already written to the user who created the video but didn't get a response.

Greater Albion have jusst released two new families through Fontspring and Myfonts:

Corsham was inspired by traditional stonemason's engraved lettering designs. Designed to be used alone, or in combination with our Corton family, ithas wonderfully lively air, with distinctive lively serifs and beautifully swashed downstrokes. Four faces are offered-regular bold and black weights as well as a condensed form. All faces include a range of Opentype features, including ligatures and old-style numerals. The Corsham faces merge 'olde-worlde' charm with fun character, yet remaining clear and legible for text use.


Just released shortened (Latin characters only) version of my font Gaisma.


I vaguely remember seeing this someplace else and a client just pointed it out. After looking through several sets of type and trying the WTF app I am quite stumped.

Thanks in advance,

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Gaisma released

Art Nouveau typeface "Gaisma" ("Light" in Latvian) released through YouWorkForThem. It draws inspiration from Vienna Secession movement and Nordic National Romanticism. The work on the design started as drawings of several characters for the graphic standard for the Jugendstil museum in Riga. It contains characters for all the European languages, Cyrillic and modern Greek as well as a huge set of contextual and stylistic alternates and historical characters to replicate texts of the era.

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Hi there,

I know this type sample is from Franz Paul Glaß, the font name is Glass Antiqua, it is from 1913.
Do you know if there is a similar typeface which is digitized?

Greater Albion has just released three new families on

Jonquin was inspired by some hand lettering seen on a World -War One recruiting poster. It’s a family of three faces for display work and headings designed to be used readily as an 'All-Capitals' face as well as in upper and lower case format. Regular and bold weights are offered, as well as an even more decorative incised form. The whole family is ideally suited for poster and advertising work, as well as book and record covers and period themed signage.

Hey Typophile,

I was looking for a typeface to use as a legible but highly stylized ornate drop cap similar to the one used in the Mount Veeder logo.

See image below.

Any suggestions?



Here's a font I've seen before and probably even have on my hd, but i can't figure out what it is. Any ideas? It's all about the "g".

Thanks all,

Scriptorium Fonts is an Austin, Texas based type foundry founded in 1992 by game designer, editor, writer and historian Dave Nalle. It specializes in adaptations of antique fonts and fonts based on artistic hand lettering drawn from the work of famous artists and calligraphers like Alphons Mucha, William Morris, Willy Pogany, Arthur Rackham and Howard Pyle.

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