modern serif

Hi everyone

I'd appreciate any you help can offer identifying this headline front from the current issue of the New Musical Express in the UK.

Thanks in advance.

Need this serif font from the book cover identified for the author of the book. Graphic designer of the book is unreachable. I have to update her website, and need to add a book quote in the same font.
THX in advance!

We proudly announce a new release in our award winning typeface family. 'Lavigne Text' is a 4 weights package optimized for ease of reading at small sizes. It features generous x-height, short ascenders and descenders, open counters and simplified details that improve its reproduction at small sizes.

'Lavigne Text' has also a solid presence on paper and its weight make it ideal for the setting of fine books and magazines. Used in conjunction with 'Lavigne Display', they make a perfect team, bringing aesthetic consistency at every typographic hierarchy.
The philosophy behind the 'Lavigne type family' is to achieve the refinements observed in classic 'modern serif' typefaces, without borrowing too much from history.

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