Calibri for an ebook



I'm wanting rather urgently to know whether I can use Calibri roman and bold for an ebook. The Author at this stage is not yet sure whether the book will be sold in the apple store but there is a good chance it will be.

I have the fonts on my mac because they came with software and I will now purchase them, but can they be used for the ebook? I really hope so. I can officially purchase them here -

Phonetic symbols in Calibri and Cambria

John Wells's Phonetic Blog has a new post about the design of phonetic symbols in Calibri and Cambria. John Wells is a British phonetician and editor of the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary.

Here is what he has to say:
Calibri (like the font most of you will see in this blog) has a small cap i without the serifs it really needs for good legibility. It also has too much space before the stress mark, after the ɡ and after the length mark. In Cambria the serifs and stress mark are satisfactory, but the character spacing in the word ɡɑːdn̩ still leaves a lot to be desired.