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fantasy fonts

Really don't want to recreate this typestyle if I don't have to. Can anyone ID this?

This is a hailing port of my dad's friend. He wants it burned into a cutting board. I, being the artist in the family, am the go to guy for doing this. Usually its easy stuff, Times Roman, Palatino, Trajan, but this...would have to be totally recreated. I am not getting paid for this. Any help figuring out what typestyle this is would be vastly appreciated! I'd rather not tweak 2 or 3 hours worth of bezier handles if I can avoid it.


Scriptorium Fonts is an Austin, Texas based type foundry founded in 1992 by game designer, editor, writer and historian Dave Nalle. It specializes in adaptations of antique fonts and fonts based on artistic hand lettering drawn from the work of famous artists and calligraphers like Alphons Mucha, William Morris, Willy Pogany, Arthur Rackham and Howard Pyle.