FontLab macros

Creating multiple characters at once in FontLab or Glyphs


I make hand-drawn typefaces using an Illustrator to FontLab workflow like this:

1. Scan.
2. Vectorize in Illustrator [using ImageTrace in AI CS6].
3. Copy and paste individual glyphs into FontLab.

I used to be satisfied with this workflow, but now that I'm making more fonts, I really want the ability to import multiple characters/glyphs at once, so that I don't have to go back and forth copying and pasting over a hundred times per typeface. All of my characters start out together in a single AI file. Is there any way to get them into FontLab (or Glyphs) all at once as separate glyphs?

Superpolator tips - tricks - tutorial


Hi guys,

I recently bought Letterror's Superpolator. I've seen all the video's about it from the Robothon 2009 event, but still the program stays a bit of a mystery to me. Since there is no (known) manual for Superpolator, other than the Robothon 2009 video's, I hope there are some people out there willing to share tips and tricks. Perhaps we could even build a wiki page for it.

These are the issues I'd like to be enlightened on:

1) Importing/updating individual UFO glyphs
If you edit your masters in Fontlab and and want to update them in Superpolator, do you replace the existing master or can you update just the glyphs you editted in FontLab?

2) Automatic update master in Superpolator

AFDKO FontLab macros on Mac OS X


I just successfully installed the AFDKO command-line tools on Mac OS X as I've just tested runnin gthe "autohint -h" line and it gives me plenty of Help information… but I'm having problems when trying to install the FontLab macros.

I've followed the guide step by step here


and I don't actually get any error in the Terminal window it's just nothing actually happens. This is what I get when following the 1-8 steps for installing the FontLab macros:

Last login: Tue Jul 6 14:51:49 on ttys002
mike-jarboes-macbook-pro:~ Reserves$ cd