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Bitmap Rasterization


Hi there,

I’ve experience a quite fuzzy thing: Exporting a font two times from FontLab, no known changes in the output settings.
The 1. font is the red text below, the 2. is the white text.
The only thing that was changed in between the 2. font-exports was the numbers (0 – 9) and the punctuation (,.;!?“”…) not displayed here.

It appears to be that now the Bitmaps are not the same anymore (especially the horizontal stems in a, e, s and h in the attached 300% example).
Anti-aliasing method is set to sharp in Photoshop, but this it seems has nothing to do with the different jittering in the result.

Any help or hint is highly appreciated!

Auto stems standard stems



I'm trying to understand FontLab Studio's Auto stem feature a bit more. I'm confident with the process for Alignment Zones and using the Adobe Auto Hinter, then making manual adjustments throughout for great results, but the Auto stem feature is a bit more elusive, although from visual results related to the finished hinting results it seems to work well so far.

I noticed if you open Myriad Pro you'll see a couple values, but if you hit the Auto stem button it adds more AND different values, so I'm trying to understand how best to handle standard stems moving forward, being that it looks as if there is a better way to handle this manually (as in the case of Myriad, for example).

AFDKO FontLab macros on Mac OS X


I just successfully installed the AFDKO command-line tools on Mac OS X as I've just tested runnin gthe "autohint -h" line and it gives me plenty of Help information… but I'm having problems when trying to install the FontLab macros.

I've followed the guide step by step here


and I don't actually get any error in the Terminal window it's just nothing actually happens. This is what I get when following the 1-8 steps for installing the FontLab macros:

Last login: Tue Jul 6 14:51:49 on ttys002
mike-jarboes-macbook-pro:~ Reserves$ cd