E-books and use of fonts- Help converting in-design page layout to e-book format.


Can anyone put me in touch with someone who has the current knowledge of converting an existing book design layout (done in in-design CS6) into an e-book for use on a Kindle reader?
I have just started reading up on it and realise that I might have to change the font/s I have used for the main body of the book and probably a whole lot of things. Luckily the book contains no images, but I do want to retain page ends so that Chapters start on fresh pages. There is also a bit of text styling (custom page numbers, chapter headers etc that may just not be possible on an e-reader.
I have been reading about exporting using fixed page layouts (something it seems you can only do with Creative Cloud though).

Most readable font for PDF e-book?

I am setting an e-book using InDesign that will be distributed online. The target audience is people who are about to undergo eye surgery (retinal surgery, cataracts, etc.).

I'm trying to decide which fonts might be have the best readability for this audience. I would appreciate any suggestions.

I am considering Leitura News and Leitura Sans. Both come in four weights, and the the no. 2 weight of each is somewhere between a regular roman and a semibold, which strikes me as ideal, bigger than the usual body text, but not screamingly big.

I also am considering Warnock Pro, but it is a bit delicate looking for my purposes.

Any suggestions from you experts?