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letter spacing

Custom letter spacing?


We have one client that primarily uses Gill Sans for their type. The problem with it is that with certain letter combinations, the spacing gets pretty far off. Ideally we would have a custom made font with custom letter pair spacing, but I don't really know how to do that. The biggest issue is with a period followed by letters like V, W and T. So ". V" or ". T" They tend to run very tight, and we have to manually go in and add spacing. It mostly an issue in InDesign, and it doesn't really matter if the character spacing is Optical or Metric. Anyone deal with this? Whats the best solution?

Need Help with Kerning/Letter Spacing


I'm designing business cards and I would like for the kerning/letter spacing of the letters to look right.. i dont have 2 much knowledge on the subject so thought I would ask here.. is there any tips/guidelines I can look at? I'm concerned about some letters like V,K,W,A.. letters with slants in them confuse me so before I go ahead and submit the design to have these cards printed I would like to figure this out.. Where can I find information on which letters should get tighter kerning than others? What about spaces in words? is there a way to figure out how big the space should be?