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How do I decide what Codepage to use?


Hello everyone! I am an extreme newbie, so please forgive my total ignorance. I'm a graphic designer who is just starting to experiment with font design for fun. I'm using TypeTool 3 and I have a question about codepages. How does one go about deciding what codepage to build a font in? TypeTool defaults to 'MS Windows 1252 Western' but I don't understand how or why I would choose that codepage over say 'Latin 2' (of course, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, etc codepages have an obvious use). Like I said, I'm sure the answer is obvious - thank you so much for your help!

Restricting color usage on a typeface.


I'm fairly new to type design and I have been using FontLab's TypeTool program which is great.

I've been developing a font with a client and they have asked if the font could be restricted to a single color or multiple colors when used. I know this probably isn't possible, but I'm quite hopeful that someone may have found a way. We want to do this because non-designers will be using the typeface and it makes for easier 'policing' of the brand colors, I'm not a dictator I promise!

Would greatly appreciate anybody's help.

TypeTool and Japanese Fonts


Hi guys!

So I'm a graphic design student, and I'm interested in designing Japanese Typefaces. Since I don't have the budget to purchase the Asian Fontlab (and since I foresee type design as a hobby versus a profession) I've been considering purchasing TypeTool so I can do basic type editing. I noticed that it has the option of using 65,000 glyphs, so I think it would probably serve my needs.

My TypeTool question is, is it possible to make fonts in TypeTool that react to the usual input method of Japanese characters? For example, I don't want "k" to represent a single character- I want to type "ka" and have the corresponding characters か, カ, 火, 科, 家, etc etc appear. as options. I've been doing some researching, but I'm unfamiliar with the terms associated with this input method.

A New Tool for Type Designers: TypeBridge

A New Tool for Illustrator folks: TypeBridge

Hi. I just wanted to comment in regards to the folks who were having difficulty with the transfer between Illustrator and TypeTool/FontLab. The way that FontLab works is logical, given that in font world there are no decimal numbers. However, for folks who are very comfortable in Illustrator, it would be nice to have a tool that automatically rounds all points (which have already been drawn) to whole points while keeping the integrity of the font.


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TypeTool is a basic font editor for Mac OS and for Windows. For students, hobby typographers and creative professionals who occasionally need to create or customize fonts.

TypeTool 3 released in March 2007 includes support for OpenType fonts with up to 65,000 glyphs, Unicode 5.0 support, new bitmap Background and outline Mask layers, improved Bézier drawing with open contours and tangent points, multi-line metrics and kerning editing, and screen quality autohinting.