Trying to find this font or a close relative. I am aware that this might have been altered or created completely from scratch, but I would love to find the “standard” Chamfered (Angled instead of Rounded) font that I have seen quite a bit lately.

Hi All!

This font is from a series of four teaser posters for the Green Lantern movie (2011), designed by Concept Arts.


Is it just a customised version of "MVB Sweet Square"? The I, E, & K seem quite different. I've found a bunch of similar fonts ("Aerotype Durandal Flat", "Piranha" by Nathan Caldecott, "Identikal Rally", "Identikal Rebirth", "FF Aircraft"), but no exact matches.

Also, how would one classify this font? A "chamfered angular square sans-serif"?

*** Bonus points if anyone can confirm whether the "2011" on the poster is even in the same font? ***

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Thank you.

I'm interested to ID this angular script used in NewWork magazine. Any ideas?

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need suggestions of a 'hybrid' font. Rather than a mix of serif and sans serif within the family, i'm after one that contains rounded and angular shapes?

A new, hopefully refreshingly mad, typeface just released at Myfonts.

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