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Setting margins and columns separately in a page spread


I've been using InDesign (and before that, PageMaker -- back to Aldus 2.0) for quite some time and the one thing that bothers me is that, somewhere along the line, the devs seemed to think it was a good idea to get rid of the option to set margins and columns for each page in a 2-page spread separately. At least, they dropped the option from the Layout > Margins and Columns... menu. Is there another option available, or do I have to keep wishing for my old PageMaker back? Thanks in advance.

InDesign CS5 and Indic scripts



We are grateful for the world-ready composer in CS4, which allows one to set Indic unicode fonts, and grateful to Thomas Phinney for revealing how to activate it.

Has any additional functionality been added in CS5—like, for instance, page numbers in whatever script one wants?

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