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Help: need good typewriter font with italics

Hello Typophiles,

I'm working on a book that draws a lot from old hard-boiled detective fiction, and a typewriter font just feels right. But ITC American Typewriter doesn't—too big, not quite low-tech or yesterday enough.

Problem is, as I try and run down other typewriter fonts that might work better, most (for obvious technological/historical reasons) don't have an italics variation. I have reluctantly concluded I do need to use italics at certain points, and therefore am having an even harder time finding the perfect font.

Please, can you knowledgeable folks throw me some recommendations for fonts that can pass as reasonably reminiscent of old-school typewriters, yet depart from that enough to have a proper italics variation included?

Thank you in advance!

Info on IBM Artisan?

My classmate and I (grad students at the Rhode Island School of Design / amateur type designers) are trying to dig up some information on one of the IBM Selectric (II/III) typeball fonts - Artisan. We've found some scans of it online, but nothing on the specific history of that face (designer, year, etc), or any specimens larger than type size. If anyone has any leads, or knows who to get in touch with, that would be much appreciated!

Font ID - I Won't Insult You by Butchering a Description


I'd love to identify the font used in this wine label to write "ninety." There may not be much to go on here, but I figured maybe the experts would know.

Or could you recommend something similar? I love the width of the 'n' and the tail of the 'y'...actually I love all five letters there.

armenian typewriters: images / scans / resources

hello all,

for a font design project i am looking for samples and resources of old armenian typewriter character sets (or scans of documents and texts that were written with said machines) that would help me work on a corresponding design or serve as a head start. i have begun with olivetti 32 as the latin basis, and have completed cyrillic so far.

if anybody could point me to such resources or links, i would greatly appreciate it.

thanks a lot.

Sharing: 2011 Typograhic Wall Calendar


I thought this would be the right place to share my project:

I'm working on a typographic wall calendar, made of two thousand and eleven keyboard keys. Last year I did one made of 2010 keys.(http://typophile.com/node/65810)

This year I turned the design into a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter is a public funding platform for design and art projects.
Here is the link to the project-website with a little video: http://kck.st/20eleven

I also was invited to a lengthy interview about my design process:

On my website i wrote a bit more in depth about the piece:

A clean version of FF Trixie

I'm looking for a clean font that is equivalent to FF Trixie. I love the option of FF Magda to choose between a distressed or a clean version. Unfortunately, FF Magda is too techno-ish for my purpose.
I tried a lot of Typewriter Fonts, but everything i could find was close, but not the same as a clean FF Trixie would look like. Different serifs, kerning, etc.

Any idea? FontBook shows a "Typewriter" Font. Unfortunately without any reference to designer or foundry. And googling "Typewriter" is, well, you know…

Keyboard Wall Calendar 2010


This is the wall calendar for the year 2010. It's made of two thousand and ten keyboard keys. This design offers a new visual experience of time, differently than your average wall calendar. It looks beautiful on the wall, and makes finding dates and marking events a creative process.

The size of the print is B0 (70cm x 100cm / 27.56” x 39.37”).

The printing is done with a standard 4c offset printing machine on 135g/m2 glossy paper, finished with a UV coating to protect the colors from bleaching. The UV coating also provides protection against water and dust.


Worldwide shipping (folded in a protected envelope) is included in the price of $20.10.

For $9.90 extra the wall calendar will be sent rolled in a reusable plastic tube.

FF Trixie

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Trixie is a distressed monospaced serif typeface created by Dutch type designer, Erik Van Blokland, in 1991 using the inspiration of an old, worn typewriter. Probably the most famous presentation of a single letter is the Trixie capital X used in the title of the popular science fiction television series, “The X-Files”.

Since its release in 1991, from “The X-Files” to more recent appearances in “Capote” and “Atonement”, FF Trixie has served as the defacto typeface of mystery and intrigue. Although there have been a number of typewriter-like designs, FF Trixie remains the most convincing, and accurate, typewriter font available.