font help

I really need to identify this font guys...

I used it for a website about a year and a half ago and now they want to change the website name but want to use the same font. It's perfect for their website logo.

I just can't remember what the font is called... I really, really need to know what the name of it is. Please. Help.

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Help me

Also, is there any thing like this as a free font? Thanks alot!!

I am no type expert, but a friend of mine asked me to make changes to a logo for him. Original designer cut up files so I can't determine which fonts these are. There are two different fonts in this logo:

Hello could you help find the font on the picture please!! It would be very helpful!

Thank You all


I have been trying to search for this font but have no idea where to start! Can any one help? It seems similar in ways to Brounde Medium but is missing the 'gaps' and is not as round.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Font Id Help

does anyone know what the name of this font is. i saw it on a flyer, and would like to use it for a project im working on.

Thanks for your help

please look at the picture, can anyone tell me the name of this font?

I need help!
I'm creating a website/social networking resource and I am designing a logo. I found a font that I like for free from a website and want to use just one letter "s" for my logo. I will not be selling the logo or distributing the font in any way, just want to have a clean logo for my website/potentially more than that in the future.

1) can I do this?
2) can I customize the logo in photoshop or something and tweak it to make it original and use that?
3)if not, what steps do I need to take in order to do this legitimately?

Any help or advice would be extremely appreciated guys!

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Help me find a font

Please. Help me find the name of the font

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Help me find a font

Please. Help me find the name of the font


My girlfriend is looking for a tattoo for a long time.
Now she wanted to have the words "Ibu" on her wrist.
Ibu means Mom, she wants to do this because her mom past a way 2 months ago.

Now, She wants some curly letters, But not TO curly.
We are having a problem with the letter i in capital so I. We think this just looks to much as an J.
Now my question is if someone can help me, or making the letters, or to check out some fonts etc.

Example we had in mind, we just don't like the I


I hope we can get some reactions,


I am looking to Identify this typeface, can anyone help, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Can anyone help to identify this font? I lost my InDesign file from the last baptism invitation...

New Daughter needs invitation and Im trying to match it.


If anyone knows what this font is, tell me please!

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