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distressed type

Distressing Type?



I'm looking for a good way to distress type. I've followed a few Photoshop tutorials online but have not found a method that I like. I want my type to look really beat up. I'm going to try printing the type and the doing a blender transfer to see if that gives me the right look, but I'm curious about how to do it digitally, too. Any tips or links to tutorials would be great. Thanks!

FF Trixie

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Trixie is a distressed monospaced serif typeface created by Dutch type designer, Erik Van Blokland, in 1991 using the inspiration of an old, worn typewriter. Probably the most famous presentation of a single letter is the Trixie capital X used in the title of the popular science fiction television series, “The X-Files”.

Since its release in 1991, from “The X-Files” to more recent appearances in “Capote” and “Atonement”, FF Trixie has served as the defacto typeface of mystery and intrigue. Although there have been a number of typewriter-like designs, FF Trixie remains the most convincing, and accurate, typewriter font available.