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The Kalyna font is interesting with its stylistic implementation through asymmetrical serif. Such design is characteristic for the Ukrainian style. The drawing of the font is based on the sketches of a famous Ukrainian graphic artist of early 20th century Heorhiy Narbut. His work set the whole school in the Ukrainian graphic art and is still very influential nowadays. The font is capital and also includes a set of ornaments in addition the standard set of symbols.

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This font has been developed based on the engraving by the German artist Daniel Hopfer (1470-1536) listing the Latin ABC. While creating the font I tried to preserve the archaism and certain imperfection characteristic for the prototype to accentuate its charm. Fanciful convolution on the serif make it a bit fairy-tale like and cheerful. The font is also available with decorated dots as in the original version. All the letters in the font are capital.

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Moreske 2D


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The name Moreske, Maureske, Morisca, Morisco comes from Spanish “Mauritanian”.
This ornament is based on the greenery motive with strongly stylized stems and leaves fancifully interlacing.
Such ornaments were widely used in the 16th century in various decorations from architecture to household goods, and book covers in particular.
The font contains high quality vector graphics with elaborate attention to details.
This collection consists of friezes (borders) and closed compositions in the shape of circles, squares, rectangles and triangles that can be organized into repeats (patterns).

Florentin 2D


Angular Old Style by Viktor Kharyk is usable as display font, for non-formal texts, especially poetry, for children books and virtual games about adventures, history, and pirates and includes some original ornament set. By stylistic it connects with Italian Renaissance,Czechian types of the first half of 20th century and cut technology.
Open Type (technical support by Constantine Golovchenko) has such Stylistic Sets:
ss01 changes numerals to lower case,
ss02 changes Cyrillic vowels on stressed vowels with acute,
ss03 changes грн. and руб. on currency signs,
ss04 activates the Balkan alternates in italic.
Basic alphabets have also initial forms usable with init or swsh or from table Glyphs.

Hutsulyandiya 2D



Hutsulyandiya 2D family fonts comprise folk ornaments found on Hutsul ceramics of the mid 19th to early 20th centuries.

Hutsulshchyna is an ethnic region in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains where folk art and indigenous culture preserve up to nowadays. All images are to the maximum approximated folk prototypes. The graphics are characterized with grotesque, stylization simplicity, surprising plot moves. The font cheers up and evokes positive emotions.

Designers: Iryna Korchuk

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Ascetic 2D


This decorative font is based on Cyrillic Vyaz of XV-XVI centuries. This type of letters were used as display faces in sacred texts. In Vyaz, the letters are characteristically fitted to each other so the letter sequences look as one solid ornamental frieze. The font is rich in discretionary ligatures which help to accentuate the style of Vyaz. In addition to letters and standard characters there is a number of monograms and Christian symbols. These and other features are available in OTF format.

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