Poetry Collections: What should govern the text frame width and placement?


Hello. I’m not sure if this is something that has been asked before. If so, please point me toward the direction to look. I am still searching the forum, but I have not yet located a thread addressing this particular issue.

To provide some context, I am a student who works for a university’s literary journal. I have no formal education in design (outside of a few illustration classes), so I have pretty much been learning typesetting by trial and error. Therefore, I have what might be a bit of a silly question to all you type professionals out there. Yet, it is a layout problem with which I have been struggling.

Typeface used in 1930 Faber and Faber book of poetry?


Would anyone by any chance be able to identify the typeface used in the attached sample, taken from Joseph Macleod, "The Ecliptic" (Faber and Faber, 1930)? I have a hunch it might be a brand of Baskerville? Apologies that the resolution is not fantastic - I'm working from a pdf.

Many thanks for your time,

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