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New poster here, with a newbie question. I'm using Word (on Mac) to lay out a CV, and am using various variants of Arno Pro (Semibold Subhead, Regular, Caption). Then I decide to see what it'd look like in Brioso Pro; select all, go to the font menu, pick Brioso Pro ... and all the work in picking optical sizes is obliterated: everything is in Brioso Pro Caption. Is there a fix for this? Or do other word processing programs (as opposed to InDesign) have the capability I'm missing?


i read some time ago that it is possible (and legal) to extract special opentype features from a licensed adobe font and create a (ttf?)-font that could be used in applications that do not support opentype (like office word).

to make things more practical: i would need for a client three weights of hypatia sans (e.g. light, regular, bold) in the stylistic set 1 (no serifs) both itallic and normal and additionally in the stylistic set 13 (unicase).

any ideas if this would work, who could do this and what costs i would have to face?

gerhard donauer

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