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Monospaced. What about bi-spaced or tri-spaced?

This is mainly a conceptual doubt.

Monospaced fonts where inherited from typewriters and mainly used nowadays in programming. The main characteristic of a monospaced font is that each character is kept inside modules with the same width (and height).

Now let's think we define a new module whose width is exactly two times the width of the base module. Like this:

Or even three times:

We could then mix these modules in a new typeface:

Question 1:
Monospaced fonts are no more a technical need so, in fact, we are not limited to use a single width module for all characters. It is just a matter of convention and tradition, I would say. Is all this true?

FB Alix Released by Font Bureau

FB Alix
With a vintage Selectric typewriter as his muse, Matthew Butterick set out to make a monospaced font that preserved the liveliness & comfortable readability of a proportional design. FB Alix was inspired by IBM’s Prestige, a ’50s stalwart, but features true cursive italics, not sloped variants. An OpenType set of proportional alternates allows for more conventional text fitting while retaining the classic typewriter look; FB 2011

4 Styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic

FB Alix is available as OpenType fonts with oldstyle figures and stylistic alternates.

armenian typewriters: images / scans / resources

hello all,

for a font design project i am looking for samples and resources of old armenian typewriter character sets (or scans of documents and texts that were written with said machines) that would help me work on a corresponding design or serve as a head start. i have begun with olivetti 32 as the latin basis, and have completed cyrillic so far.

if anybody could point me to such resources or links, i would greatly appreciate it.

thanks a lot.

Nova Mono


Nova Mono is a monospaced font designed for programmers. It takes the best of programming specific fonts as well as book fonts and attempts to bring them together. This font is heavily inspired by many of the existing monospaced fonts especially Consolas and Pragmata.

Looking for a list of typefaces with the following criterias…

Good day everyone.

I am not looking for a specific typeface but rather a list of professional typefaces that would abide by the criteria listed below.


  • Proportional spacing for the latin characters with tabular lining figures. (Thanks for clarifying Renko!)
  • French accented latin charaters (é, à, ê…).
  • At least a plain and a bold weight option.
  • Typographers' Quotes (Single and Double)

Desirable attributes but no deal breakers

  • A thin weight option
  • An italic style
  • A condensed style
  • Fractions
  • Stylistic ligatures


FF Trixie

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Trixie is a distressed monospaced serif typeface created by Dutch type designer, Erik Van Blokland, in 1991 using the inspiration of an old, worn typewriter. Probably the most famous presentation of a single letter is the Trixie capital X used in the title of the popular science fiction television series, “The X-Files”.

Since its release in 1991, from “The X-Files” to more recent appearances in “Capote” and “Atonement”, FF Trixie has served as the defacto typeface of mystery and intrigue. Although there have been a number of typewriter-like designs, FF Trixie remains the most convincing, and accurate, typewriter font available.