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Using Adobe Arabic as template! is it possible ?

Generating an Arabic font is really complicated process, i was thinking is it possible - or legal - to make it easier using Adobe Arabic font and its sample VOLT code??

* I mean changing all the glyph shapes in Fontlap.
* generating a .ttf file.
* opening it withe VOLT and import sample VOLT code provided by Thomas Phinney. then just making edits to it.

It's sound simple, but i don't know if this -so easy- method is bug-free or even legal!? what do guys think?

I want this template


Hello, I saw atlantic.net advertisement here and there. Recently I visited their website and I am very very impressed. I really like their template. Now, I would like to install same template for my own website. I would like to know the name of the template that they are using. Please if you are experienced then give me the name and place from where I can buy that template.

Fontlab Background object


Hey ,

While trying to create a glyph for a particularly tricky character( namely G), I faced infinite trouble as i can not get it to look just like my sketch. So i though i would scan it and place it as a BG image over which i can trace, but unfortunately when i am placing the scanned image(after increasing the contrast in PS) i am only getting a grey box with very little detail.
So, i was wondering if there is another way to make a template layer (Like illustrator: take a photo and dim it down and lock it) with the scanned image?


FontLab 5 templates?


Hey Guys,

The FL5 PDF manual states: "FontLab Studio 5 ships with a very extensive set of pre-installed default glyph template images" and that they "cover the entire Unicode 3.2 character set" but I'm unable to find them on my system on which FL5 is loaded.

This sounds like exactly what I need to get started creating a Unicode font from multiple Latin and Greek fonts that we maintain for a client (created in Fontographer 4, used currently as Type1 fonts).

Any ideas where I can get such a thing?

Many thanks,

Ready Media - Newspaper and Magazine Templates


Ready Media changes the way magazines and newspapers are designed. By providing a complete set of templates for every kind of page, publication production is vastly streamlined

With partners Roger Black, Eduardo Danilo, Sam Berlow, Robb Rice and David Berlow, they're not kidding around...

Someone convince me this does not bode ill for the rest of the design profession...?