Swash 'N'

This is not exactly an ID, but I was wondering if anyone knew a typeface that contains alternates like the 'N' in this sample. I know this is HFJ Requiem and only for Nature Conservancy, but I am curious about other available fonts that have elaborate swashes on both sides of the 'N' like this one.

Thanks in advance for any help!

HTF Requiem - ligatures and web usage


My employer uses HTF Requiem as the standard typeface in print and identity. It is a great face and a broad family for many applications. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have ligatures for the text weights, except for italics. Am I wrong? Am I just missing something?

Also, a lot of my work is for the web. Requiem's fine serifs often breakdown when they are exported in images. Any suggestions on dealing with this issue? Alternate, comparable typefaces?