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A brief review of Eric Gill: An Essay on Typography (in norwegian)

I recently read Eric Gill's An Essay on Typograhy and found it quite interesting, especially since Gill connects his thoughts on typography and his craft with his whole philosophy on life. Though it is hard to agree with this man on everything, he has some interesting ideas to wrestle with, and it is interestng to read this work 80 years down the road from when he wrote it.

So that was a short recommendation for all of you who can't read my blogpost in Norwegian here:

I need to help someone with layout but don't have access to "Joanna MT". What could I use to approximate?

I'm helping a friend edit a paper which will be printed in Joanna MT. I don't have access to that font on my PC. It also seems like you have to pay money to get it. Is there a free font that is similar enough that I could use instead?