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ZionTrain Pro: Cyrillic & Greek (+free stencil weight)

dear typophiles!

i am glad to show you my new release, ZionTrain Pro typefamily. I started this font five years ago for city transportation and overall city corporative font as a part of project of second largest Ukrainian city Kharkiv identity by 3z studio. when designing distinctive characters for the font i was wonder how shapes from Ukrainian calligraphy works fine for wayfinding grotesque (look at the tails of Cyrillic -щ- and -ц- for example). unfortunately, this type was not used as planned, but was lived on the street as font of some cultural events, and was used for Kharkiv promotion.

it was featured in Slanted magazine #18 Signage/Orientation.

Looking for examples of wayfinding design

I am having trouble just googling "wayfinding design" and coming up with any good examples. I am looking for innovative and creative examples to get me inspired. Does anyone know of a resource like this on the internet? I do have a few books to check out whenever I can make it to the library.


Guia – a wayfinding typeface for pedestrian signage

The typeface Guia by Tânia Raposo has been her final project at the type]media Master in The Hague. “Guia” is the Portuguese word for “Guide”. In this guest article on opentype.info, Tânia explains the development of her typeface: