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I'm working on a project which needs italics with a little more oomph to them, and I'm looking for something in the transitional or modern forms. My point of departure in this search is the new Didot Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes completed for Vanity Fair. According to their own blog on the commission, the drawings they built their didone from revive a specific letterer's cuts: Molé Le Jeune.

hi !

I can't find out what font was used around the 1980's in Vogue Paris (when the magazine was under Colombe Pringle direction) anywhere and I've scoured the internet!

Specifically, I want to ID the typeface used on 1989 covers - does anyone know what this is??

I've uploaded a couple of images of what I'm referring to.

If I am lucky enough that someone knows - please could you also inform me where I might download/buy it??


Hello, I'm a beginning design student struggling to pair types in a letterhead suite. I want it to look very classic, elegant and "Vogue." My display font is nouvelle vague and I need a very clean fashion- esc font to pair with it. Any suggestions?


I found this specimen on an old Vogue magazine cover from 1936.
I'm mostly interested in the humanist antiqua at the bottom (please scroll to the right), but if any of you guys would identify the ones above I would de more than happy.

Keep up the good work!


Can anyone tell me what font is this?
In the case, the upper-case serif one.

It seems to have quite a nice variety of weights.


Hi Guys,

I am a graphic design student and recently I am attract with few font type from
fashion & lifestyle Magazines. Can you guys please help me identify it.
I attached the files:

best regards,

A bit of a tricky one, a script typeface taken from a vintage copy of vogue.

Its most likely that it is hand drawn type created in-house, but does anybody have any idea what this script typeface is / know of any around that have similar properties?

Forgive the mostly poor quality of the image.


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Vogue cover text font

Hello everyone, have used this resource before, and now I'm hoping someone can help me with this! What is the font for the text (not the word "Vogue") on the Vogue covers below? Every time I think I've identified it, I notice the "a" looks different. (Even if it's custom for Vogue, the "closest match" would be great.) Thanks so much!



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