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I have recently graduated from university, studying Graphic Design. I have created a blog with some of my designs to exhibit some of my skills.

Here is my blog: munyachidakwa.wordpress.com

I would love for some feedback on my work. I am open to any form of criticism.

I thank you for taking time to read this


Blog page with mixed fonts

Hi, I am trying to improve this page, and I am not sure which fonts to remove or change;
I used Lobster to "soften" the sharpness of the page, but it looks out of place, and I'm not sure if the body font (Hattori Hanzo) is also a good choice here.
I am trying to achieve an "artsy" look, It is suppose to be a part of a photography portfolio, and I don't want the hexagon and square shapes to make the page too "robotic"


Well it's been an extremely long time since I've posted on here but I wanted to share a project that I've been working on with everyone. About six or seven months ago I started helping out with DesignChat.

DesignChat is a live video chat that airs every Wednesday night at 8pm CST. We broadcast from smbolic (formerly SamataMason) and interview some of the coolest people in the industry for about an hour each week. So far we've had some amazing guests like Milton Glaser, Erik Spiekermann, Debbie Millman, Jessica Hische and many others.

I WANT YOU: a FREE art magazine

I WANT YOU magazine’s focus is to highlight artists’ work rather than dilute its impact by enforcing editorial perspective. Each page of the print edition consists of a single large format image from a series of each artist’s work and a url that leads you to their feature on iwantyoumagazine.com. I Want You magazine features a broad range of artists from around the world, exclusive art work, and spotlights on forgotten or overlooked artists.

Issue 4 Features:

Use BBT Font on your Blogs - Press Release

New standard being installed on latest browsers (some now and later),
for example Mozilla Firefox and IE allows for fonts to be easily used
on Blogs and Websites. This is the Web Open Font Format or WOFF see

BBT font introduced in 2008 for altering the k/K letter shapes for
spirituality has been updated for this new standard. Now you can use
it on Blogs with easy code snippet called @font-face and some changes
to the Blog CSS stylesheet.

This is a blog using the BBT font as an example: http://BBTfont.blogspot.com

Photo with the BBT font are here:

HTML for Websites < a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=33epjja"

Gotham overload? Tumbl with me about it!


Hi Typophiles,

As they say on NPR, "long time listener, first time caller." I have humble idea for a single-purpose Tumblr and I though some folks from the community might be amused enough to join me in curating it. The working title is, "Gotham is the New Helvetica," but that's a pretty bad title and you can do better. The idea is simple:

In this post-racial, post-serif Age of Obama, I see Hoefler & Frere Jones' Gotham everywhere. Like, everywhere. You do, too. Sometimes the application makes sense, sometimes it doesn't. But the point is: "seriously, that's a lot of Gotham."

My new blog: Hot Lead

I just put up the first post of my new blog: Hot Lead. The first one is a little light and breezy, but I plan to get into a lot more detail about what we're doing with the Google Font API, open source fonts, performance, rendering, font technology, and more. Please subscribe and wait for updates.

We had a great launch, and I'm still recovering a bit from all the excitement - and definitely looking forward to relaxing a bit this holiday wekeend. Again, thanks to everyone here at Typophile for supporting the effort in many different ways.

Typography blog


hi there,

I recently started a design blog focussing on typography (at the moment),


I was wondering how do you fellow bloggers attract followers?

Anything I could improve on?

The main purpose of the blog is personal (ie. research and reflection) but it would be great if I could get a lot of followers also- to give opinions, feedback etc...

any advice welcome...

My Wordpress Blog

I’m a student at Pratt Institute working on my Senior thesis project. The main part of my project is a blog meant to start discussion between those interested in typography and those interested in graffiti. It is still in its early stages, however, I am attempting to get visitors to comment on the posts. My hope is that the site will start conversations between visitors around the topics and ideas I discuss. I’m also conducting brief email interviews on my topic, so if anyone would be interested in answering a few questions please let me know. The blog is at http://allcityorphan.wordpress.com/

"Blog This" bookmarklet for Typophile

Zara and I were talking recently about how much handier it would be to be able to spontaneously blog to Typophile when we find great content on other sites.

It’s taken some trial and error but I’m happy to say that these work! Drag these links to your browser bar and click them whenever you want to share on Typophile. They’ve been tested on Firefox (Mac) and Safari (Mac) so let me know if you get unexpected results in another browser.

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