Monokrom is a small Norwegian type foundry run by Frode Bo Helland, Sindre Bremnes and Hans Ivar Stordal.

They launched their website in December 2012.


Tiponautas is an independent type foundry run by Luis Alonso (Spain) and Ricardo Santos (Portugal) founded in 2011.

Its members collaborate to carry out different typographic projects. Tiponautas designs their own typefaces in the broadest and most specific sense, ranging from custom-designed characters, or lettering, to custom type design, as well as its proper use in different graphic design fields, such as editorial design, corporate identity or web design.


GLC foundry

GLC Foundry" is a French little foundry starting from 2008.
Its purpose is to set up historic fonts inspired from dated, real and definite documents, or inspired by incomplete ones or by accurate style.
Fonts are complemented to allow a contemporary use, with accented characters and those mainly inexistent in early fonts. We make an effort to add abbreviations, ligatures, contracted letters and so on, peculiar to each concerned period. Punctuation signs are always reproduced in their original faces. We have a strong attachment to always keep the existent poetic imperfections of the models.


Emboss Fonts creates highly personalized fonts for the Mac & PC, Stephen Boss (owner) has been designing fonts since the Mid Nineties. In addition to designing fonts for distribution, he consults on custom corporate projects. The foundry currently has several new designs in queue.

Type Innovations

Alex Kaczun, accomplished type designer and founder of Type Innovations, has over two decades of experience in typography, graphic design, desktop publishing and web development.

Sorkin Type Co.

Sorkin Type Co. was founded in 2011. It is currently engaged in making fonts for the Google Web Font project. Families and improved versions of these types will be available to license for both print and web use in the future. Designers creating these fonts include: Elena Albertoni, Nicole Fally, Riccardo De Franceschi, James Grieshaber, Karolina Lach, Viktoriya Gadomska-Grabowska, and Eben Sorkin.

Australian Type Foundry [ATF] began in 2001 as a commercial outlet for the fonts of designer Wayne Thompson.

Today, Australian Type Foundry retails almost 100 original typefaces through online outlets around the world, and continues to design and market new type designs. ATF is best known for two sans-serif Opentype families, Halvorsen and ArumSans. ATF also produces custom designs and typeface modifications for a large range of advertising clients.

ATF has twice entered the New York Type Directors Club Type Design competition, winning neither time.

Our House Graphics (OHG)

Fonts by Russell McGorman.

OHG on Myfonts

The award-winning type foundry designs Latin and non-Latin typefaces.

Rosetta is an independent foundry, created by David Březina, José Scaglione and Veronika Burian, with a strong focus on multi-script typography. It is a response to the increasing interest and need, within the global market, for multi-script typefaces that are both technically and aesthetically of the highest standard. Rosetta is committed to promoting research and knowledge in that area and to support excellence in world script type design.

Teeline Fonts

Founded by Craig Eliason in 2010, Teeline Fonts is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. The foundry's first releases were Ambicase Modern followed by Ambicase Fatface.

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Type & Graphics Foundry

Karandash is a small independent type design studio, based in Varna, Bulgaria. It was established in 2010 by designer Vassil Kateliev, focused in designing high quality body and display typefaces for Eastern Europe, and is especially interested in developing Cyrillic typesets.


12 Graf Ignatiev St., ground floor
9000 Varna, Bulgaria

Requests and information

Technical Support

Fonthead Design


Mota Italic

Mota Italic is a an independent studio ran by Rob and Sonja Keller in Berlin, Germany.

The Font Company

The Font Company was based in Phoenix, AZ and owned by Dan Barthel. The company scanned and digitized fronts from filmstrips as well as conversions of Alphatype faces in the late 1980s.

Font Company faces were distributed by the Precision Type Company until it closed its doors in the mid-2000s.

The Font Company closed in the 1990s.

Suomi Type Foundry

Suomi Type Foundry is a company dedicated to creating high quality typefaces. The company was founded by Tomi Haaparanta, who has been designing typefaces since 1990. Tomi Haaparanta's fonts are already distributed by Linotype, Monotype, ITC, T-26 and Psy/Ops, and in January 2004 he decided to set up his own font foundry.


CakeType was founded in 2004 as an independent digital type foundry and is owned and operated by Pieter van Rosmalen. CakeType specializes in the design, production and distribution of original and high quality typefaces.

CakeType also offers the creation of custom typefaces, as well as the improvement and adaptation of existing typefaces. We have produced exclusive typefaces for Audi (in collaboration with Paul van der Laan), KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom) and the road signage in South Korea, amongst others, as well as the lettering for the KWF Kankerbestrijding logo and Bookedoo logos.

Darden Studio

The Darden Studio produces and publishes the typeface designs of Joshua Darden and his collaborators.

Freight Big
Freight Display
Freight Text
Freight Micro
Freight Sans
Omnes Pro
Corundum Text


Founded by Slobodan Jelesijević and Dušan Jelesijević in May 2009 as an independent boutique font foundry that is the only one of it’s kind in Serbia, Tour de Force Font Foundry has produced high quality original typefaces that are in use globally.

From our glyph laboratory in a small town of Gornji Milanovac, Central Serbia, we have anchored our craftsmanship and reputation on providing the classic European standards of stellar personalised service with our clients across the world.

Type Together

Outras Fontes

Outras Fontes is an independent digital type foundry based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was founded in 2006 and it is currently managed by Ricardo Esteves Gomes, a graphic/type designer and researcher.


La Laiterie

French independant foundry based in Paris.


Greater Albion Typefounders

Greater Albion Typefounders' biography on says:

"Whither elegance in this modern world?"

A private foundry and consulting firm, specializing in Arabic type and lettering designs, and related typographic software solutions. Founded by Arabic type designer Saad D. Abulhab in 2003, Arabetics is best known for producing open, innovative, and inspiring non-traditional Arabetic fonts. However, we have almost two decades of experience producing both traditional and non-traditional Arabetic fonts. Our passion to preserve the power, elegance, and competitiveness of Arabic and other derived scripts, within a dynamic and global computing environment, is our main driving force.

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