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Vassil Kateliev is type and graphic designer based in Varna, Bulgaria. He specializes in designing high quality typefaces and is especially interested in producing cyrillic font sets. Since 2010 he has owned a small, but promising, type design studio called Karandash - Type & Graphic foundry.

Additional information:
Karandash official site
Katelievs' fonts on MyFonts
Behance portfolio and fonts showcase
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Ross Milne

Kemie Guaida

Kemie Guaida is a designer, illustrator, and typography aficionado. She sells her fonts, handdrawn, handwritten and pixel fonts through her site pixilate .

Ahmet Altun

Galina Bannikova ✝

Born 1901; died 1972. Designer of Bannikova and Baikonur type families.

Karolina Lach

Graphic designer, web designer, type designer and typographer, graduate of Cooper Union and University of Reading (MA typeface design). Currently residing in NYC.


Barbara Lind

Designed Poplar, Cottonwood, Adobe Wood Type Ornaments and Madrone for Adobe in the early 1990s.


Steven Skaggs studied calligraphy and typography under Hermann Zapf. His calligraphic artworks are in the collections of the Klingspor Museum, Offenbach Germany, the Sackner Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry in Miami, and the Akademie der Künst, Berlin. He has been active giving workshops and teaching throughout the United States as well as Canada, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Steven Skaggs lives in Louisville, Kentucky where he is Professor of Design at the Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville.

Skaggs designed Rieven Uncial in 2009, which was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in Typographic Design in the TDC2 2010.

Erik van Blokland

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William Berkson

William Berkson is a philosopher and author of Fields of Force, Learning from Error, and the forthcoming Avot: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life. He caught the type virus as a teenager from his Uncle J. Ben Lieberman, founder of the American Printing Historical Society, and author of Types of Typefaces. The slow acting virus became virulent when he turned 60, and he became a real “man of letters,” by drawing Williams Caslon for Font Bureau. He lives on Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia, where he sits at his computer and produces letters and words.

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Received a MA in Typeface Design, from the University of Reading in 2004. Founded TypeTogether with Veronika Burian in 2006. Board member of the Association Typographique Internationale since 2007. Lecturer at the University of Rosario (UNR) and the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). He is the Chairman of Letter.2, the 2nd. type design competition organized by ATypI.


Benjamin Fox

Pilar Cano

Pilar Cano is a graphic and typeface designer from Barcelona, where she gained her first degree in Graphic Design. During this degree she studied for 6 months at Lahti Polytechnic (Lahti, Finland), where she started to think of the possibility of studying type design.

In 2006 she graduated from the MA in typeface design at the University of Reading, UK. The same year she co-founded Mídori, a graphic design studio specialised in editorial design. Currently she works on her own as graphic and typeface designer as well as teaching typography at BA level.

Pilar partially edited and wrote the book typosphere, and has developed custom typeface design projects.

Martin Majoor

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Martin Majoor has been designing type since the mid-1980s. After a student placement at URW in Hamburg, he started in 1986 as a typographic designer in the Research & Development department at Océ-Netherlands. There he carried out research into screen typography and worked on the production of digital typefaces for laser printers.

Gerrit Noordzij

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Pronounced "Herit Noortza", Gerrit Noordzij is a designer, historian, author, and long-time professor at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. He developed an original theory of writing, published in his books, The Stroke Theory of Writing, and Letterletter.

There is a prize in his honor given every three years. Past winners were Fred Smeijers, Erik Spiekermann, Tobias Frere-Jones, and Wim Crouwel.



Veronika Burian

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Received a MA in Typeface Design, from the University of Reading in 2003. Founded TypeTogether with José Scaglione in 2006.

FF Maiola
Karmina Sans

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Typophile type designers

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Following is a list of designers who are
1) alive,
2) participants on typophile,*
3) have fonts commercially available.

Tim Ahrens: Tim Ahrens
James Arboghast: James Arboghast
Peter Bain: Peter Bain
William Berkson: William Berkson
David Berlow: dberlow
Michael Browers: michaelbrowers
Peter Bruhn: peterbruhn

Thomas Phinney

Indices : Thomas W. Phinney (1965-)

Long-time Adobe Systems employee (1997-2008) where he was the initial author (2005-08) of typblography, and lastly Product Manager for Fonts and Global Typography. Currently Senior Product Manager for Fonts & Typography at Extensis (2009-). Frequent conference speaker, often involved in evangelism and technical assistance relating to OpenType. Distant relative of Joseph W. Phinney of American Type Founders fame. Reportedly can be summoned by means of the Phinn-signal. Designer of the typeface Hypatia Sans.

Phinney has an MS in Graphic Arts Printing, specializing in design and typography, from the Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

Jim Wasco

Indices : Designers : Jim Wasco

Jim Wasco was a long-time type production staffer at Adobe Systems. Following a round of layoffs in 2002, he landed at Monotype Imaging Inc., for whom he soon headed up their Redwood City, CA development office. He is the designer of Harmonia Sans, ITC Elegy, and co-designer with Min Wang of the Adobe Original typeface "Mythos," a fanciful all-caps design featuring monsters and creatures shaped into letters.

Joseph W. Phinney

Indices : Joseph W. Phinney (1848-1934)

Joseph W. Phinney was a prolific 19th-century American type designer. He started with the Dickinson Foundry of Boston, and practised both type design and management. He eventually acquired the type foundry. In 1892 he was a key player in the formation of American Type Founders or ATF from many other foundries. Phinney started out in a position equivalent to "artistic director" and oversaw the consolidation of the member foundries' type collections into one library, deciding what to toss out and what to keep.

Delve Withrington

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Currently an independent type designer in Alameda, CA publishing type designs through his foundry Delve Fonts. Previously a type designer for Monotype Imaging Inc. in Redwood City, CA and FontShop in San Francisco, CA.

Typophile User Profile: delve

Andrij Shevchenko

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Multi-talented Ukrainian designer and calligrapher. His font AndrijHand seems to be one of the first posted to Typophile's Critique Forums. He has gone on to develop many more fonts based on his own luxurious calligraphic style.
He founded AndrijType

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