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Tamye Riggs

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Tamye Riggs is a writer, editor, typographer, designer, and event planner specializing in typography and the related arts.

The self-titled type geek began her career by working as a typesetter and production artist throughout high school and college. After stints at big ad agencies, an entertainment news weekly, an oil and gas company, a trendy watch manufacturer, and a host of design studios in Dallas, Texas, Riggs moved to the typographic side of life. She has worked in creative, marketing, and management areas for Maryland-based Phil's Fonts/GarageFonts and FontShop San Francisco (including the editing of FSSF's recently-revived Font magazine).

Morris Fuller Benton

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Morris Fuller Benton (November 30, 1872 – June 30, 1948) was born into the type business. His father, Linn Boyd Benton, was a type-founder and the inventor of the matrix-cutting machine, which revolutionised printing. The son graduated as a mechanical engineer from Cornell and went to work with his father in the newly established type design department of the American Type Founders Company. He went on to become the most prolific designer in America, producing more than 180 types of great diversity. Despite all this, he is less well known today than his contemporary Frederic W. Goudy. However, his types have been much digitized and revived, especially by Font Bureau.

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Rene Verkaart started CharactersFontFoundry in 2004 as the result of a decade of custom logo- and typedesign for clients. Since 1995 he's been running his own graphic design studio, Stoere Binken Design, with a friend. Most of his early typefaces were custom designed for clients.

Most of his typefaces originate in his holidays. "Visiting new places in the world is a big inspiration for creating new typefaces", he says.

All his typefaces are extensively tested by carefully selected BetaTesters. This are renowned graphic designers or design studios that TestDrive the typefaces in practice and give critical feedback to improve the final release versions.

Richard Kegler

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Richard Kegler is the founding partner of P22 Type Foundry, which originated in 1994 as an outgrowth of his Master's thesis project on Marcel Duchamp. Mr. Kegler's background in typography and book arts includes ventures in bookbinding and letterpress printing. However, the historical context and background of type continue to be his greatest interest and shape the evolution of P22.

Josef Týfa

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Josef Týfa is a living legend of Czech typography, born in 1913. His major contribution for the development of advertising and book design begins in 50s and continues virtually up to the present times. He is author of numerous original typefaces: ITC Tyfa, Academia, Juvenis, Amos, etc. and being 90 years old, still prepares new sketches for digital re-storing of his older designs.

Christian Robertson designed Pill Gothic and Dear Sarah, both available through Veer, as well as the Roboto typeface family, used in the Android mobile operating system. More of Christian’s type designs can be seen at Betatype (www.betatype.com).

Christian joined Punchcut as Senior Media Designer in December 2004. He is the mastermind behind the development of the new Typophile platform.

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