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Chikako Larabie

Chikako Larabie is a font design assistant at Typodermic Fonts in Nagoya, Japan. She specializes in kerning, kerning classes, Latin based language expansion and fractions. She occasionally consults on Japanese kana/kanji glyph design.

Craig Eliason

Craig Eliason started designing type in 2008. His first commercial release was Ambicase Modern (2010), which also marked the debut of his foundry, Teeline Fonts. He is also a college professor who researches, presents, and publishes on the history of type design. He lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Giovanni Battista Bodoni

Engraver, typographer and editor born in Saluzzo and dead in Parma in 1813.

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Luis Siquot

Luis Siquot was born in 1945 in Neuquén. While working as graphic designer between 1964 and 1968 he studied cinema, architecture, and modern literature in Córdoba, Argentina. During that time he won several first prizes in design contests. In 1965 he moved for one year to São Paulo, Brazil, to work at the Editôra Abril where he learned magazine design. In 1967 he was awarded a scholarship to study at the HfG Ulm by the German DAAD, but unfortunately the school was closed in 1968.

At the end of 1969 he travelled to Germany with the same scholarship and studied at the Visual Communication Institute of the Superior Fine Arts School of Hamburg University (IVK-HfbK) between 1970 and 1975. Always a typography lover he made some unpublished or unfinished type designs between 1968 and 1989.

Peter Bain

Herb Lubalin

Indices : Designers : David Březina

Czech type designer and typographer, writer, lecturer, the impresario of TypeTalks, and partner at Rosetta Type Foundry. He got Masters degrees in Informatics (Masaryk University, Brno) and Typeface Design (University of Reading, UK). From 2004 to 2007 he also ran his own design studio, with projects in graphic, web, and interface design. He has been working as an associate with Tiro Typeworks and giving various type workshops around Europe.

David H

Indices : Designers : David H

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Marten Thavenius

Indices : Designers : Mårten Thavenius

Mårten Thavenius is a Swedish type designer. This far, he has released Rattlescript, Aptifer Slab and Aptifer Sans, and Skilt Gothic.

Mårten Thavenius is a GUI Architecht at IBM.

He runs the type foundry Fontcaster.

Paul Ducco

Indices : Designers : Paul Ducco

Paul Ducco is a multidisciplinary visual designer and typographyer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Paul can be contacted for creative projects through his Melbourne based All Things Considered.


Indices : Designers

Twenty Most Important Type Designers of All Time
A list of female type designers

For a list of Typophiles that are also type designers, see: Typophile Type Designers
For a list of female type designers, see: Female Type Designers

Michael Abbink

Indices : Designers : Michael Abbink

Mr. Abbink left Wolff Olins (NYC) in June 2006 after 3 years and is now trying his hand at freelance and developing his own design practice. He was co-founder and creative director of Method, a design firm based in San Francisco doing graphic design, and web & interface design. He formerly worked at Meta Design and Apple Computer, and is the designer of FF Kievit and FF Milo typeface families.

FontShop Bio

Nick Cooke

Indices : Designers : Nick Cooke

Nick Cooke started his typographic journey as a lettering artist, in London, in 1982, crafting type by hand for book jackets. Working with David Cox (the great nephew of Eric Gill) was for him an apprenticeship into acquiring an appreciation of letterforms and proportions.

Involved in the digital type eversince computers made it to the mainline, he began to experiment with designing complete typefaces using Fontographer. His first type family 'Penguin', developed while working for Prima magazine, was accepted by Fontshop International in 1995. His second type family, an one-off script font 'ITC Dartangnon' was produced in a similar manner at his next place of employment.

Matthew Carter

Indices : Designers : Matthew Carter

Born: United Kingdom, 1937.

Son of Harry Carter, Royal Designer for Industry, contemporary British type designer and ultimate craftsman, trained as a punchcutter at Enschedé by Paul Rädisch, responsible for Crosfield’s typographic program in the early 1960s, Mergenthaler Linotype’s house designer 1965–1981.

Carter is a prolific designer who has produced many successful and significant faces in his career such as Olympian, Bell Centennial, Galliard, Charter and Miller (in chronological order).

Ricardo Santos

Indices : Designers : Ricardo Santos

Portuguese type designer and owner of Vanarchiv and co-founder of Tiponautas.

Calvin Glenn

Indices: Designers: Calvin Glenn

Founder of NIMX and designer of several typefaces including the popular Jacoby family. Jacoby had the distinction of being one of the earliest (if not very first) commercial third-party Multiple Master typefaces. Calvin is currently Marketing Manager at Oracle.

James Grieshaber

Indices : Designers : James Grieshaber

Rodrigo Ramírez

Originally from Chile, Rodrigo 'Tuco' Ramirez graduated from Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso in Chile. Self-taught in typography, he has been involved with type design since he was a kid 'trying to invent his own letters'.

Rodrigo is a lecturer in the School of Design at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (more info at and Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago.

As a member of the TCL collective he publishes his non-commercial fonts (TCL IndoSans, TCL Escuelera) through

More recently he has released Digna, his first commercial font, through Union Fonts.

[Rodrigo Ramirez, April 2005]

Web site: [link not working anymore]

Dan Reynolds

Indices : Designers : Dan Reynolds

Born in Baltimore in 1979, Dan studied Graphic Design at RISD before moving to Europe. In 2004, Dan co-founded the Offenbach Typostammtisch during a brief stint as a graduate student at the HfG Offenbach. Later, he studied on the University of Reading MA Type Design course, where he graduated as part of the class of 2008. Dan teaches typography and type design courses at several German design schools, and works as a type designer in Berlin

Andreas Seidel

Indices : Designers : Andreas Seidel

1975: born in Bad Saarow (near Berlin, Germany)
1994–1998: study of economics
since 2000: freelance graphic designer & illustrator
2003: launches astype foundry to release his typefaces
2006: launches German Type Foundry together with Ingo Preuss

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