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Dmig is a German Html and PDF magazine. (only in German)

Editors: Nadine Roßa, Patrick Marc Sommer

Indices : Technical Info : Haansoft Unicode Blocks and UniPad Features

This article is designed to list which Unicode blocks are supported by corresponding font and all of the features supported by Sharmahd Computing's UniPad.

Supported Platforms
Microsoft Windows 9x, Windows Me
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 200X, Windows XP
WINE HQ, for x86-based Unixes, including Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris
Windows CE ≥
Microsoft Windows 3.x
Linux / X-Windows
Mac OS X
Palm OS ≥

General Features
Full BiDi support (Hebrew, Arabic, Thaana, Syriac)
Rendering of Arabic contextual forms
Separated rendering of non-spacing marks
Combined rendering of non-spacing marks (!)
Normalization (maximal decomposition)

Dezcom Typefaces

Dezcom Typefaces is an independent type foundry that intends to push traditional boundaries and produce original contemporary work.

Dezcom was originated by Chris Lozos


Indices : Writing Systems : Arabic : Nastaliq, scholarly transcribed as nastaʿlîq

The name is a contraction of the Persian naskh-i taʿlîq which contains the element naskh "to copy a manuscript" and taʿlîq "to slant", connected by the conjunction -i. The name could be paraphrased as "cursive for manuscripts".

Nastaliq is a simplified derivative of historical, pre-typographic naskh. It retains all the connection rules characteristic of pre-typographic Arabic, be it that they are considerably less complex than those of pre-typographic naskh.

Mike Parker

Born in London in 1929, Mike has degrees in architecture and graphic design from Yale. In 1958-59 he was lucky enough to be the person who put in order the punches, matrices and molds at the Plantin Museum. Jackson Burke at Mergenthaler Linotype believed that this experience might be turned to account preparing type libraries for photocomposition machines. Inheriting the design staff originally trained by Chauncey Griffith, Mike managed the expansion of the Linotype library from a collection of 150 American hot metal designs for text-setting to an inclusive library of nearly 1,500 international digital designs for full page setting.


Indices : Wikis : PrintWiki


Type Theory is a journal of contemporary typography featuring news, views, reviews and interviews founded by designer Ty Wilkins.

Thomas Gabriel

Indices : Designers : Thomas Gabriel

Graduated at Type & Media at KABK in 2007. Founded Typejockeys with Anna Fahrmaier and Michael Hochleitner in 2008.


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Michael Hochleitner

Indices : Designers : Michael Hochleitner

Received a MA in Typeface Design, from the University of Reading in 2008. Founded Typejockeys with Anna Fahrmaier and Thomas Gabriel in 2008.


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Featured Face

Indices : Typefaces : Featured Face

Parity 01/12
Bodoni Egyptian Pro 11/11
Alright Sans 07/11
Salvo Serif 05/11
Skilt Gothic 03/11
Alix FB 02/11
Bullen 01/11
Condor 12/10
Parka 11/10

FAQ Free

Indices : FAQs : Where can I get free fonts?
Legit free fonts. As always, please respect the EULA when using free fonts:
“Some are licensed for unlimited use, some only for private use but not for commercial jobs. You don’t want to take advantage of the kindness and generosity of the people who designed them; it’s really bad for your karma. And you don’t want to risk that, do you?” —Yves Peters

Why doesn't this page list freeware font websites?


A font by Nick Shinn notable for its ability to be digitally outlined without unfortunate artifacts and for it's use of contextual letterforms.

Part of: Indices : Typefaces : Rounded Typefaces

Current URL:

Designed by Joshua Darden
Design and production assistance by Jesse Ragan.

Originally conceived as the brand typeface for a national retail chain, Omnes fulfills the need for a rounded typeface which is neither overly mannered nor excessively literal. A selective approach to rounding adds subtle visual interest, while a large assortment of non-geometric forms pay homage to 19th-century rounded Grotesques which appeared well before the crisp visual style of the Bauhaus.

Link to PDF Sample:

Jos Buivenga

Indices : Designers : Jos Buivenga

Jos Buivenga was born in 1965. He lives in Arnhem (the Netherlands) and works as a type designer. His first love for typography started to take shape at the AKA (Academy of Arts Arnhem), where he studied from 1984 - 1988. In 2004 he founded exljbris Font Foundry.

Indices : Terminology/Characters : Em Dash

A horizontal line character one em in width. Commonly use to imply a break in thought, or missing content.

Used to indicate a sudden break in thought, or to show an open range such as in numbers or dates.

Unicode : 2014
Windows US Keyboard : Alt 0151
Macintosh US Keyboard : Shift Option -

Em Dash Usage in Broken Sentence
Space around Em Dashes?
The Em
Line Breaks and Em Dashes
How to Determine the Width of Dashes (em/en)

Indices : Terminology : Terminal : Ball Terminal

A circle-shaped device used to terminate a stroke, for example on the end of the arm on r, or the tail tip of y. Ball terminals are a prominent feature of so-called "modern roman" types which came into existence in the second half of the 18th century with the appearance of Didones and types used by the Fourniers as well as Giambattista Bodoni. Ball terminals are typically drawn in a strict geometric form of a pure circle. Some types however, principally Baskerville's roman type, feature organically-shaped ball terminals.

Indices : Typefaces : Superfamilies

Examples of Superfamilies or Suites

Listed in alphabetical order

Aaux Pro
FF Absara
FP Dancer
DTL Documenta
FF Eureka
FF Fontesque
DTL Haarlemmer
FF Legato*
FF Meta
FF Milo
Modern Suite
FF Nexus
FF Quadraat
FF Scala
FF Zwo

*Do these belong in this listing as we've defined superfamily?

FF Quadraat is an original typeface by Dutch designer Fred Smeijers, published as part of FSI's FontFont type library. The typeface was named after the Quadraat design studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands, which Smeijers was part of at the time of its release.
Since its original release in 1992 as a small family of serifed text typefaces, FF Quadraat has been expanded into a large family consisting of compatible sans and serif subfamilies, with Headline and Display versions, Condensed and Monospaced varieties.

FF Quadraat fonts at

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