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Graham Hicks

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Graham Hicks is an interaction and graphic designer, Test Pilot Collective contributor and a two time winner of the Typophile Tee contest. He works as an Interaction Designer at IDEO in San Francisco, California


Indices : Terminology : Case

In current practice, usage of the term case most likely refers to the use of uppercase (capital) or lowercase letters. See some examples below. In letterpress practice, case refers to the physical box (case), usually wooden, that a given set of letters is stored. Capital letters were stored in the upper (top) case and lowercase letters were stored in the lower (bottom) case.


ALL CAPS -- All letters are capitalized.

Title Case -- The first letter of each word is capitalized.

Sentence case -- where the first character is capital and the remaining words are lowercase.


Indices : FAQs : About TypoWiki

Getting Started
Wiki Etiquette
A Brief FAQ-style Dialog

Getting Started

In a nutshell, the TypoWiki is an encyclopedia of typography for the Typophile community. Since it is a community-driven tool that can take shape in virtually infinite ways, it’s a natural evolution of the forum in that we can now separate factual information from opinion and discourse.


Indices : Type Technologies : OpenType

About OpenType
OpenType is a type format designed by Microsoft and Adobe which attempts to resolve the limitations of the two dominant outline font technologies (Adobe's Type 1 PostScript fonts, and Apple and Microsoft's TrueType fonts), as well as serving the needs of its two creators. From Microsoft it gets its focus on global language support: OpenType uses as its basis Unicode, and does away the complicated system of code pages found in older digital font formats. Something like OpenType's advanced typographic features are needed for even basic support of certain languages. From Adobe OpenType gets its emphasis on advanced typographical controls for western and East Asian languages, providing support within a font for such features as alternate character forms, discretionary ligatures, variant figures (tabular and proportional, lining and old style), and small caps.


Indices : Terminology : Kerning

Kerning involves closing up or opening out letter pairs where the letter shape results in uneven letter spacing.

See also
Kerning How-To

Spacing & Kerning Classes
Kerning Pairs
Brute Force Testing
Kerning List

Technical Discussion:
FontLab 5 font file ignores kerning values


Indices : Terminology : Lettering

The craft of drawing or otherwise creating letterforms by hand for one specific use, e.g. for signs, illustration, logos, etc. Related to type design but a separate discipline; a good letterer does not necessarily make a good designer of type, and vice versa.

Additonal Articles:
Type and Lettering Styles
Lettering Artists

How Do You Develop Hand Lettering Aesthetics?
Handlettered Sign Examples?


Indices : Type Foundries : Fontsmith

Fontsmith is a leading London based type design studio founded in 1999. The studio consists of a skilled team of creatives, lead by Jason Smith and Phil Garnham. Fontsmith is dedicated to designing and developing high quality typefaces for both independent release as well as bespoke fonts for international clients.

Jason Smith - Founder
Phil Garnham - Type Design Director
Fernando Mello - Type Designer
Emanuela Conidi - Type Designer

Fontsmith Ltd
Unit 17 Bickels Yard
151–153 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3HA

tel +44 (0)20 7407 8800

Phil Garnham

Indices : Designers : Phil Garnham

Born in Colchester, Essex, in 1980, Phil Garnham graduated from Middlesex University, London, in 2002.

Indices : Typefaces

This wiki category is not intended to be a comprehensive list of typefaces. It is however a place to catalogue prominent typefaces of significant historical importance or of exemplary influence.


American Book Faces
"Essential" Typefaces
Featured Faces
Rounded Typefaces

Additional Articles:
Font Starter Packs

Individual Faces

Writing Systems

Indices : Writing Systems

Abjads (consonantal alphabets)
Abugidas (syllabic alphabets)


Most Beautiful Alphabet
Most Hideous Writing Systems?

Indices : Education : The University of Reading

English University located in Reading, west of London.

The Department of Typography & Graphic Communication offers many undergraduate and graduate programs, including the MA Typeface Design, currently directed by Gerry Leonidas.

Si Daniels

Giovanni Mardersteig

Indices : Designers : Giovanni Mardersteig

Giovanni Mardersteig (1892-1977) was an influential typographer, designer, and printer, best known for his work at the Officina Bodoni in Verona. His typefaces include Dante, Fontana, Griffo, Pacioli, and Zeno. Of these, unfortunately only Dante is available in digital form today. Dante is considered one of the most exceptionally beautiful text faces available.

David Hubner


Indices : Books
A wealth of information has been published about the art of type. "The Triumvirate of Typography"—selected primary works of three authors—offers a foundation for every great typographic library. Included below is an evolving index of notable books written about the art and history of typography and type-design.

English : Deutsch : Português

English Language


Indices : Conferences : TypeCon

TypeCon is the annual event of the non-profit Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA).

TypeCon is held in a different host city each year. SOTA partners with local and international organizations to produce a low-cost event featuring some of the brightest names in type, design, and the related disciplines. TypeCon offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where students and novices can mingle comfortably with seasoned professionals.

TypeCon allows type lovers from all walks of life to get together — to listen, to learn, to teach, to network, and to take renewed inspiration into their own work.

Indices: Designers: Grant Hutchinson

Grant Hutchinson (b. 1963) has been designing, manipulating and marketing digital type for years. On the way to his previous gig at Veer, he created typefaces and helped keep the storefronts tidy at visual content purveyors such as Image Club, Adobe Studios, EyeWire, and Getty Images.

He founded Typostrophe in 2009 as a home base for his ongoing typographic concerns.

Grant resides in Calgary, Alberta — along with a basement full of vintage computers and typographic paraphernalia that his wife wishes he would store somewhere else.


Indices : Foundries : astype

astype is the font label of Andreas Seidel, Germany.

External Links
astype on MyFonts

Fonts in the astype library include ADANA, CRAYFISH, GRACIA, HERAUT, MISSALE, PAOLA, SATTLER, SIMEON, SECCA, SVEVA, TOSHNA and the very known Astype Ornaments.

Jared Benson

Indices : Designers : Jared Benson

Best known for his involvement with Typophile, Jared Benson is an interface designer with an insatiable typographic addiction. He launched Typophile on his birthday in April 2000 in hopes of creating a venue where designers could get together to share knowledge and critique one another's work. Jared originally vetted the idea for Typophile with Jonathan Hoefler while interning at The Hoefler Type Foundry in summer of 1999, and later launched it as a component of his BFA thesis.

When he's not spending every waking moment working on Typophile, he's acting as Executive Creative Director at San Francisco interface design firm Punchcut. From 2004-2010, he served as a member of the FontFont TypeBoard.

Joseph Pemberton

Indices : Designers

Joe Pemberton is a graphic designer and a founding partner of San Francisco-based interface design firm, Punchcut. Prior to founding Punchcut in 2002, Joe and Jared Benson partnered on the development of Typophile. Joe was a creative director for Razorfish (in the New York and San Francisco offices) and also at the New York advertising agency, Merkeley Newman Harty where, among other projects, he designed the JetBlue Airways identity and livery system.

In the past Joe Pemberton provided art direction for the FontShop publication Font and juried the design competition for the 2007 STEP Magazine "Best of Web" issue.

Typophile user profile:


Indices : Terminology : x-height

Succinctly put, the x-height is the height of the lowercase x in a given alphabet.

In the past x-height was stated by some as a proportion of the cap height. In digital fonts, the x-height is specified in the font as a proportion of the Em, typically with 1000 or 2048 units to the Em. Additionally, many typographers state the x-height as a proportion of the total vertical span of the lowercase, often limited to simply the ascender height. This practice is based on the realization that lowercase letters constitute approximately 95% of text.


Indices : Terminology : Typophile

Strictly speaking, a fanatic of all things type-related or typographic. In a broader sense, a lover of letters. This looser definition encompasses writing and lettering as areas of interest. See also typophilism.

Indices : Organizations : Typophile

Typophile launched 16 April 2000. Typophile originally launched with exclusive articles and online courses from Jonathan Hoefler based on his Yale lectures as well as articles from Three Island Press and TypeRight.


Indices : Design Firms : Punchcut

Punchcut maintains and operates Typophile with Punchcut co-founders Joseph Pemberton and Jared Benson acting as executive sponsors.

Punchcut is an interface design company, specializing in interfaces for devices: mobile, television and embedded-screen experiences. Punchcut maintains Typophile, a community for type designers, graphic designers and educators.

In addition to a broad array of consumer, mobile and entertainment brands, Punchcut has designed user interfaces and communications collateral for companies such as Hoefler and Frere-Jones, TypoBrand, FontShop and fStop.

Punchcut was founded in 2002.

Contact Information:
170 Maiden Lane, 3rd Floor

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