Helvetica knockoffs


Hey everyone!

I have currently been looking for Helvetica knockoffs, and am not entirely sure that I've come upon what I exactly need.

As we all know, Arial is the obvious villain in this situation. However, other than Arial, what type faces are a direct knockoff of Helvetica?

I've got: CG Triumvirate, Pragmatica, Swiss 721, Nimbus Sans, Helv/MS Sans Serif, and Newhouse DT. Now, these are all clearly influenced by Helvetica, but are they also considered knockoffs?

Also, I was told by someone, fleetingly (hence the forgetfulness), that there is another typeface in existence that is also a direct knockoff of Helvetica. Described vaguely as having portions of Helvetica removed to create it. Anyone have an idea as to what it is?

Thanks in advance. :)