Windows XP

jaggies in ppt on xp


last year i finished designing a large type family of 20 styles, with up to 1550 glyphs per style (greek, cyrilic, pictograms et al.) for a client company. of course it had various growing pains, mostly overcome now, but one problem we haven't been able to figure out:

in powerpoint on windows xp, in large sizes (like 80 pt or such), they appear jagged. on the client's computers, it even seemed like the system tried to smoothen the jaggies, rather unsuccessfully. on computers that i tried, i only saw simple jaggies.

i compared other fonts, they look fine. switching between cleartype and standard smoothing does not help.

since the font files are so large, i thought it might be a memory issue, but a reduced version of 300+ glyphs still had the same problem.