There is a logo I'm working on and now I've been struggling to find a typeface that would nicely complement it. I thought that I could perform some crowdsourcing here on Typophile. I can't show the logo now but the attached image sums it up pretty well. It's geometric, modern, rounded, drawn on a grid but at the same time looks like made with a flat calligraphic brush.

I must say that so far only Museo looks like a good match but I'm slightly put off by the fact its free and ubiquitous. If nothing better is found I might fall back to it, however.

Thanks in advance!

Key words to consider: contemporary, community, traditional values.

Hello, fellow typophiles! :)
I will save you the long introduction and frivolous background details. Suffice it to say that I setting a brochure in TypeTogether's lovely Adelle and am looking for a good sans-serif companion to use in headings. Do you have any helpful suggestions? I'd prefer a typeface with some kind of lighter weights (like thin, extra-light, display, etc.) but that's not a deal-breaker. Really, I just need something that will act as a good complement to the graceful slab-serifs of Adelle. So far, I have these in consideration:


I'm building a website for an law firm. My client has no logo, then I used Trajan Pro to make the ID (my focus isnt logo at now).

My focus is that welcome text (Bem Vindo in portuguese) I can't find a font that looks great to do it with others element (logo, menu and that text above).

Somebody can give me ideas? Thanks.

PS: That Picture have the company's brands fotolia because I have not bought it. I'm just doing tests.


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