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Hi, im looking for a free font similar to FP Head Pro for an advert I'm creating centered around karaoke. A font similar to this or pertaining to karaoke would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi I have come across Sergey Shapiro's beautiful typography and am looking for a font similar to this logo of his. A nice freestyle, typographic font. If anyone can help identify one for me i would greatly appreciate it

I need to self-print two emergency envelopes for invitations that should have gone out last week (all the others did already). My invitation typeface is Trajan Regular. Is there a typeface that is sufficiently similar but available in either MS Word for Mac or in Apple iWork? I'm really in a jam and I can't afford the turn-around time involved in getting my envelope person to address them and return them to me. Thanks!

Hello! I've just seen this beautiful typeface, and I'm looking for a similar font for use in a magazine as a display/titles typeface. Which typefaces are similar to "Platform"? It is beautiful!

Thank you!

Hi there. I'm looking for a script typeface similar to this one:

to use on the internal pages of a book I am designing. The decorative CAPS are to be used as DROP CAPs in the lead paragraphs on various pages.

I do like the embellishments of Purissima B&C (D is getting too decorative...), but I'm hoping there may be even better (!!) options that are similar.
Not too embellished.
And ideally with an italic typeface option as well.

Any thoughts???

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